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Pudsey Bearpee Challenge

The Pudsey Bearpees Challenge – our most SPOTacular challenge yet!

This year we’re asking schools across the nation to get involved with the Pudsey Bearpees Challenge to raise money for BBC Children in Need.

What is the Pudsey Bearpees Challenge?

Here’s the deal – Joe Wicks is challenging schools like yours to get your pupils sponsored to complete 1,000 Bearpees across Appeal Week, every day from Monday 13th to Friday 17th November!

In order to hit the 1,000 Bearpee target, we suggest you take part collectively as a class or in your school houses, together doing enough Bearpees each day to hit the target!

You could even get your pupils to sponsor teachers that want to get involved too!

Pudsey Bearpees Challenge LIVE Grand Finale!

Tune in for our Pudsey Bearpees Challenge grand finale, streamed LIVE to the BBC Children in Need website at 9:30am on Friday 17th November.

Join in with Blue Peter and CBeebies as well as thousands of school children across the UK to finish off the challenge together!

Check back on this page on BBC Children in Need day to join the live stream!


How can my school get involved?

Take on the challenge and see how much your class can raise – we’ve got everything you need from totaliser posters to keep your class on track, to individual sponsorship forms, and special Bearpees awards!

Check out our how-to videos below to perfect your technique, whichever type of Bearpee you choose.

Why get involved?

By taking on this brand new challenge, your school is making a huge difference to the lives of children and young people who really need our help. You’ll also be helping your pupils stay active, stay positive, and support their wellbeing.

Burpees are the perfect morning energizer, brain break, or quick refresher for your pupils.

And this year for the first time, every pound you give or raise will be matched pound for pound (up to a value of £1.5M) by the Postcode Education Trust, supported by the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Learn How To Do Pudsey Bearpees!

If you’ve never done a burpee before, or need a reminder before you get started, we have everything you need to do the perfect Pudsey Bearpees!

There are four different types of Pudsey Bearpees; basic, seated, slow motion and extreme.

Choose the version you want to do and check out the videos in the link below for Joe Wicks to show you how they’re done.

Bearpees Challenge Class Totalisers

Bearpees Resources (Welsh/Cymraeg)

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