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Modern Slavery Statement

Together with the BBC, we are making ongoing efforts to tackle the issues and problems of modern slavery.

Here is the BBC Children in Need Modern Slavery Statement for the financial year ending 30 June 2018.

1. BBC Children in Need has a responsibility to mitigate against modern slavery violations in our organisation and supply chains.

BBC Children in Need exists to change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. Our vision is that every child in the UK has a childhood which is safe, happy and secure and allows them to reach their potential. BBC Children in Need has one wholly owned trading subsidiary, Children in Need Limited and we have 139 employees based across the UK.

BBC Children in Need is committed to working to ensure everyone who works for and with BBC Children in Need is treated fairly, is able to work safely and has their human rights protected and respected. We have a responsibility to work to ensure modern slavery is not present in any form across the charity and within our supply chains and we are committed to ensuring our practices support this.

As the BBC’s corporate charity, BBC Children in Need is supported by, and seeks to align itself to the policies of the BBC in a number of ways, including the approach to modern slavery. Members of both BBC Children in Need and Children in Need Limited are core members of the BBC Group’s Modern Slavery Working Group and feed in to all BBC Group Modern Slavery programmes and initiatives. You can read the BBC Group’s Modern Slavery Statement here.

2. During 2017/18 we deepened our understanding of the modern slavery risk within BBC Children in Need and Children in Need Limited. Following this we have reviewed our approach and developed a new activity programme.

We know that work to tackle modern slavery needs to be ongoing and efforts continue each year. During 2017/18¹ demonstrable activity has improved governance and management arrangements, ethical trade policies, approach towards risk management, training and awareness of our people and the way we communicate about modern slavery, both to our suppliers and our employees.

Our governance and management arrangements have been reviewed to help ensure clear ownership and collaboration.

  • We have put in place a BBC Children in Need steering group to facilitate collaboration and good practice sharing across the charity.
  • We have identified key best in practice partners to work with to deepen our understanding of the issues, whilst we continue to collaborate with BBC Studios and have benefitted from their membership of Sedex² and the Ethical Trading Initiative³.

Our policies were strengthened to further highlight our ethical requirements.

Policies and guidelines set our expectations of our staff, stakeholders and suppliers:

  • Our Ethical Policy is in line with the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code and incorporates the International Labour Organisations Conventions and Recommendations including clauses covering forced labour. This policy forms part of all of our contracts with our suppliers and relevant licensees; except in cases where licensees’ own policies are deemed to set a higher standard than or equivalent to ours. This policy sets out our requirements on labour standards and is prefaced by a list of minimum standards which our suppliers and relevant licensees must observe for us to work with them. A copy of our ethical policy is available on request.
  • Responsibility for our Ethical Policy sits with our Executive Team.
  • We continued to communicate our Ethical Policy to all members of the organisation. This policy sets our expectations of ethical conduct, fair, respectful treatment, and also highlights how our employees and others engaged on BBC Children in Need business may raise concerns.

Risk assessment is a crucial step in determining where people are most at risk across our organisation and supply chain. In 2017/2018 our risk assessment was expanded to enable more effective targeting of our due diligence procedures.

  • During 2017/2018 a review of our ethical trade risk arrangements provided recommendations to enhance our programme which we have acted upon.
  • Based on a detailed risk assessment using specialist input we will now be focussing more closely on product suppliers of official merchandise, suppliers of branded product for promotional use and licensed product.

Our arrangements for monitoring, training and communications have been built upon to help us raise awareness, and to identify and act upon any issues.

  • Our whistleblowing policy includes human rights issues such as modern slavery and continued to be publicised as available for our staff, freelancers and contractors to use if they become concerned.
  • Training has been undertaken by BBC Children in Need staff who belong to the BBC’s Modern Slavery Working Group. Mandatory training on ethical trade and fair trading remained part of our awareness raising approach.
  • Together with the BBC, we have started to develop online guidance and training about modern slavery. These will be completed over the next year and used to help raise awareness and understanding of modern slavery issues.
3. Our new programme will guide our future action.

As a result of our detailed risk assessment activities undertaken we have developed a programme to address our key risk areas namely branded product for promotional use, official merchandise and licenced product. In the coming year we will continue our programme in the following areas:

  • Governing and managing: Our presence on the BBC’s Modern Slavery Working Group will continue to drive action and promote collaboration across the BBC Group. Our BBC Children in Need steering group will ensure we action the necessary communications and due diligence checks across the charity and we will reach out to and work with our identified best in practice retailers and suppliers.
  • Implementation of policy and managing our risks: We will review how our policies are being applied across the charity. We will also continue to focus on reviewing our higher risk areas with a view to enhancing our current risk mitigation measures.
  • Monitoring effectiveness, training and capacity building: We will increase awareness and engagement through expanding our training, communications and guidance.

We recognise the importance our role in helping to identify, prevent and help eradicate modern slavery and are committed to continuously improving and evolving our practices. We want to continue to improve our approach to operate a responsible entity and to source products and services ethically.

Responsibility for progressing and monitoring our approach sits with the BBC Children in Need Executive Team.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the modern slavery act 2015.

Approved by the Board Of Trustees on 23rd October 2018.

Rosie Millard
Chairman, on behalf of BBC Children in Need.

¹ The year 2017/2018 refers to the reporting year 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018.

² Sedex is home of the world’s largest collaborative platform for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains.

³ The Ethical Trading Initiative is an alliance of companies, trade unions, and non-governmental organisations that promotes respect for workers’ rights around the world.

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