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Catching up with Team Rickshaw riders

We catch up with Team Rickshaw riders from the last few years and find out what they have been up to since taking part in the challenge


Lucy holding a mug and smiling whilst sat in a field

Hi Lucy!


It’s so good to see you! Tell us all what you are doing now?

Well, I’m at University studying Law, in my third year. I’m hoping to go on to do a Masters.

Congratulations Lucy, that’s wonderful news.

Thanks. I think The Rickshaw Challenge really inspired me to go off and do whatever I wanted to do. It really helped me learn how to work with other people, especially as a team. It made me develop leadership skills and realise how much I was able to achieve. Yeah, I really think it did do that for me.

What advice would you have for Team Rickshaw 2021?

Well… make sure you keep warm and eat a lot. They are going to need the energy to get up those hills. I also said, keep taking photos of people. Get lots of selfies with the Team because the memories are so important. I look at those photos and it makes me so happy.

We of course always talk about how brilliant it was being a part of the Team but let us know, and be honest, do you remember what the worst bit about Rickshaw was…

… The weather…

Oh you answered that quickly…

Yeah it was definitely the weather. Especially on the first day when I started it was very very cold and wet. I was very cold and very wet. It really was freezing.

How did you overcome that?

Just by having a laugh. We had to just laugh about it. I mean I am from Newcastle so it’s kind of normal weather for me.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us all today Lucy and for giving Team Rickshaw 2021 such great advice.

I’ll be watching and cheering them on … from the comfort of a nice warm flat!



Hello, I’m Phoebe and I was on Team Rickshaw 2018.

It’s so great to see you Phoebe. Would you mind telling us what you are doing now?

Well, I’m in my fourth year of a Medicine degree. After that, I’m going to be a Junior Doctor. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll specialise in; I’m thinking it will be in hospital though.

Congratulations Phoebe, you are working so hard!

I do think that being a part of Team Rickshaw has encouraged me to keep working hard at this. I was so lucky to be part of such a wonderful team. Hearing the stories of what they had all gone through definitely inspired me to keep on making a difference and helping people.

What advice did you give to Team Rickshaw 2021?

My advice was to stay connected with the team and work together. Rickshaw is a very unique experience and they need to talk to their team for support and motivation. I know that things are different for them this year in taking part in the relay – but it’s going to remain key to them to stay in touch and supportive with the other team members.

So, we’ve talked about how brilliant Rickshaw is… but do let us know what the worst part was as well?

Well, it is absolutely the case that it’s the weather. Oh the weather. It’s November on a bike! It’s dark, cold and wet!! Waking up really really early too. One day I was up at 4am to cycle. I also found it a challenge to be away from home and friends.

How did you overcome those challenges?

I kept in touch with my loved ones at home and I immersed myself in the experience. I found my Team really helpful if I was feeling a little down. Rickshaw was the best thing I’ve ever done and I

really do look back with the fondest of memories. I wish all of this year’s team, the very best of luck. You can do it!

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