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Just Dance for Pudsey terms and conditions

This is the BBC Children in Need Just Dance for Pudsey ballot (the Ballot).

To participate in the Ballot each player must agree to follow these T&C at all times. The person who registers the team is responsible for sharing these T&C with each member of the team (and, if a participant is under 18, with their parent/guardian too). By participating in the Ballot in any way, a player is confirming that he or she (or, if under 18, his or her parent or legal guardian) has accepted these T&C. If a player does not accept these T&C, they should not take part in the Ballot.


1 Eligibility

1.1 The Ballot is only open to residents if the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. The Ballot is not open to employees (or members of their immediate families) of BBC Children in Need, Ubisoft or the BBC, or any other person professionally connected with this Ballot.

1.2 All children participating in the Ballot must have a parent/guardian or authorised adult representative accompanying them at all times. For schools teams, this can be a teacher who has consent from the parents/guardians to act as loco in parentis for the players.

1.3 While participation in the Ballot is open to all eligible individuals, making a donation to BBC Children in Need is voluntary and not a condition of entry.


2 Teams and the Ballots

2.1 There will be two separate ballots as part of the Ballot – one for schools and one for families. Please make sure you enter the correct ballot for your category.

2.2 Teams are made up of two people, with an option of up to two additional substitutes.

Schools (includes any education providers for children aged 6 – 17)

2.3 Only one team is allowed per school. Schools can choose a team to enter by any means they like. If multiple teams are entered, the school must decide which team can enter in its name and we will request evidence of this from an authorised senior representative.

2.4 Players must all currently attend the same school and must be aged 6-17 for the duration of the Ballot.

2.5 School teams must be registered by someone who is an employee of the school aged 18 or over and who has a verifiable email address belonging to the school. The person registering the team must obtain consent from each player’s parent/guardian to register them and for them to take part.

2.6 The person registering the team must also have authority and consent from their school that the team may enter on its behalf and represent it in the Ballot and that BBC Children in Need and the BBC may use the school name as set out in these T&C.



2.7 There is no restriction on the number of teams a family can enter but players can only be registered to or play on one team.

2.8 Family teams can consist of either an adult and a child (up to age 17), or two children (aged 6-17). All players in the team must be part of the same family.

2.9 Family teams must be registered by someone aged 18 or over. The person registering the team must obtain consent from each player’s parent/guardian to register them and for them to take part.


3 How to enter

3.1 Firstly, you’ll need to make sure that you have got Just Dance Now downloaded on a smartphone and have a second screen to play on, which may be a laptop or an ipad. Here’s an easy guide on how to download it. Schools can also see Digital Schoolhouse’s easy guide on how to play Just Dance Now, here.

3.2 When you download and play the game, all of Ubisoft’s registration processes and terms and conditions will apply and you must comply with the same. You will need to complete the ‘first time user experience intro’ before being able to jump straight into the game as this can’t be skipped.

3.3 Please choose from two games for the Ballot, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor or Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. These songs should be selected from the song selection section. Both songs are free to download on the Just Dance Now App. Only these songs can be used for your entry.

3.4 Once your team has their best score on either Eye of the Tiger or Radioactive, you can enter the relevant ballot.

3.5 Both ballots will open for entries on Wednesday 27th September 2023 and will close at 2pm on Monday 9th October 2023. Entries received outside of these dates/times will not be considered.

3.6 Entries must be through the Uploader portal here and must follow the process and provide the information requested on the form (compatible browsers that will need to be used to access Uploader are: Chrome on macOS and Windows 10, Firefox on macOS and Windows 10, Safari on macOS, Edge on Windows 10, IE11 on Windows 10, Chrome on Android 7, 8 and 9, Chrome on iOS 9, 10, 11, 12, Safari on iOS 9, 10, 11, 12, Samsung Internet Browser on a Galaxy S8, Silk on Kindle Fire 7″ tablet).

3.7 If you have any issues using Uploader, please contact us at [email protected].

3.8 BBC Children in Need will not be responsible for any entries that are not received by it for any reason, by the closing date, whether lost, delayed, corrupted or otherwise, and whether or not due to any technical difficulties or malfunctions.


4 Code of Conduct

4.1 All participants must comply with the Code of Conduct set out below.

4.2 We consider sporting values: including fair play, respect, equality and spirit of competition to be integral to the Ballot. There must be no bribery, collusion or match fixing between players, entrants or friends/family/colleagues and no forms of cheating, gameplay, gamesmanship or gaining an unfair advantage in any way. Players must honour, adhere to and promote these values at all times when participating. Players must also comply with any of Just Dance’s own rules and terms that may be apply as part of playing the game.

4.3 BBC Children in Need reserve the right at any time to disqualify any player found to be in violation of any of these T&C, has engaged in any form of unfair play or acted fraudulently in any way. Disqualification may result in player’s and their team’s exclusion from the Ballot.

4.4 All decisions regarding the interpretation of these rules, the tournament, results, and penalties for misconduct, lie solely with BBC Children in Need whose decisions are final. Decisions cannot be appealed and shall not give rise to any claim for monetary damages or any other legal or equitable remedy.


5 Choosing the ballot winners

5.1 One team from each ballot (schools and families) will be selected at random using a digital generator on Monday 9th October 2023 and contacted by email that same day. If, after reasonable attempts at contact have been made, the winner’s representative does not respond in order to claim the prize within 3 working days (being Monday to Friday), BBC Children in Need reserves the right to run the run the digital generator again in order to find another team to attend the Live Show, and so on until a team from each ballot is selected and verified to attend the Live Show.

5.2 Each winning team must:

• be available for filming for the Live Show at Confetti X in Nottingham on 10th November 2023 (or such other date or place as may be notified to the winning teams in advance if the filming time changes due to reasons outside BBC Children in Need’s control); and

• agree to take part in any filming, radio interviews, broadcast and publicity for the Live Show and otherwise relating to the Ballot if required (any filming/recording will take place between 19th October and 19th November 2023). This may include for BBC Children in Need Appeal Show, BBC radio, or other BBC or BBC Children in Need or programming or related websites and/or social media (these are not guaranteed though).

5.3 The person who entered the winning team must provide the full name, email address and telephone number of all players on the team, including substitutes, (or of their parent/guardian for any players under 18) to us so that we can contact them for eligibility and verification checks as set out in these T&C and our Privacy Notice. Schools teams must also provide evidence that their school is happy to be represented by the team and for its name to be featured on the Live Show and related publicity.

5.4 Team players will then undergo production and editorial checks by BBC Studios and BBC Children in Need who reserve the right to choose who is invited to the Live Show (please see Promotion and Publicity below for more details). Any players under the age of 18 must provide consent from their parent or guardian to be featured.

5.5 Team players will then undergo production and editorial checks by BBC Studios and BBC Children in Need who reserve the right to choose who is invited to the Live Show. Any players under the age of 18 must provide consent from their parent or guardian to be featured. As part of this, we and the BBC may ask players about any criminal convictions and offences (including any civil cases, allegations or investigations that are being carried out). It is important we are aware of anything in the winning player’s background that could have the potential to bring the BBC, BBC Children in Need or the Ballot into disrepute. Subject to the outcome of these searches, we may also carry out further verification checks using a third party who also carries out verification checks via publicly available sources. The outcome of these verification checks could inform who we invite to take part in the Live Show. For full information please see the Privacy Notice.

5.6 We may exclude any team or individual player from the Ballot at any point that:
does not meet our eligibility requirements;
-is not available for the Live Show, cannot obtain consent to time off school or relevant licences cannot be obtained after reasonable attempts;
-is unable or unwilling to be agree to our image and contribution release;
-is unable to provide appropriate consent from their school for its name to be featured in connection with the Live Show;
-does not pass our or the BBC’s verification checks as set out in clause 5.5 and our Privacy Notice;
-we believe (acting reasonably) does not align to BBC Children in Need’s brand or meet the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines;
-whose content breaches our Code of Conduct or whose practices are (or may be) detrimental to the image of, or result in, public criticism of, or reflects badly on BBC Children in Need, the BBC or Ubisoft.

5.7 Details of the winners can be obtained after 31 October 2023 by writing to BBC Children in Need at the address stated below.


6 Prize

6.1 The prize is the opportunity for each winning team to take part in a live show to be filmed at Confetti X in Nottingham and broadcast on BBC iPlayer on Friday 10th November 2023 where they will dance to their chosen song (the “Live Show”).

6.2 If a player on the winning team is aged 6-18, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, or if a school team by a teacher acting as loco in parentis, at all times.

6.3 The prize includes:

  • off peak return standard train travel from anywhere within the UK, or travel from the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands plus transport from the train station to the studio upon arrival (but not return travel to the train station);
  • travel to the hotel accommodation after the Live Show; and
  • one night’s hotel accommodation (booked by the BBC) for each player (including up to two substitutes); plus
  • if any player on the winning team is aged 6-17, the prize also includes an adult’s off peak standard return train and hotel accommodation (booked by the BBC), to accompany them (based on two people sharing a double or twin room).


6.4 For the avoidance of doubt, unless expressly stated in these terms, no other expenses, costs, fees or other sums will be paid by us including, without limit, any additional hotel charges.

6.5 In the event of filming, any mobility issues or specific needs should be declared in advance so we or the BBC can ensure that any assistance that may be required (for example accessibility or mobility issues for studio filming) can be arranged in advance.

6.6 If for any reason, the Live Show is cancelled, there is no substitute available.

6.7 The prize is not transferable. No part of the prize is exchangeable for cash or any other item. The prize may not be claimed by a third party on your behalf and BBC Children in Need does not accept any responsibility if you are not able to take up the prize.


7 Promotion and Publicity

7.1 By entering, players agree that, BBC Children in Need and the BBC may publicise their name and county if they are part of the winning team.

7.2 If a player objects to any or all of their surname, and county being published or made available, please contact BBC Children in Need using any of the methods set out below with URGENT BBC Children in Need Just Dance for Pudsey Ballot. In such circumstances, BBC Children in Need must still provide the information to the Advertising Standards Authority on request.

7.3 Although the Live Show is expected to be broadcast, the BBC has overall editorial control of any televised content. BBC Children in Need cannot guarantee that players will be filmed or featured in publicity in any way and BBC Children in Need and the BBC is not obliged to film or use any film, material or other content in any way.

7.4 The above travel and hotel costs are only in relation to any filming for the Live Show. If the BBC contacts you in relation to filming for anything else or in regard to the Ballot in general and you agree to take part, expenses will be agreed between you and the relevant BBC programming team on a case by case basis.

7.5 We take great care to make our content and Uploader the best they can be. So if something does go wrong, we are responsible only:

• if our content or Uploader damage your device or anything on it. Should this happen, you might be able to ask for compensation under consumer protection law. Compensation isn’t guaranteed, though. Be sure to get legal advice;
• for certain unlikely events if our negligence causes death or injury, for example;
• if you’re an individual “consumer” and it would be unfair for us to not be held responsible.

7.6 Otherwise, we’re not liable for anything that happens if:

• you rely on advice, data, commentary, opinions or any other content;
• there are errors, omissions, interruptions, delays, bugs or viruses;
• we turn off or remove content or Uploader (we’d normally only do this when we moderate, for legal reasons, or if we’re improving Uploader);
• the thing that happens couldn’t reasonably have been foreseen;
• the thing that happens wouldn’t usually result from the mishap;
• you and we hadn’t agreed that this thing would probably happen in the event of a mishap;
• this applies to sites we link to as well as our content and Uploader.


8 General

8.1 We may cancel the Ballot or Live Show at any stage, if deemed necessary in our opinion, or if circumstances arise outside our control.

8.2 These T&C contain links to third party sites. Such links are provided for your convenience only and are not endorsed by us. These sites are not under our control and we are not responsible for their content. If you have any queries about such websites, you should contact the operator of the website.

8.3 We may amend these terms and conditions at any stage and in any way.

8.4 These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and the English courts have jurisdiction.


8.6 Promoter: BBC Children in Need is registered charity number 802052 (England and Wales) and SC039557 (Scotland). Our registered office at: Bridge House, Media City UK, Salford, M50 2BH.

8.7 Helpdesk: To find out more about BBC Children in Need or if you have a complaint please email [email protected], go to the website, or call the BBC Children in Need Supporter Care Team on 0345 609 0015 (Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00). Standard geographic charges from landlines and mobiles will apply and calls may be included in your telecom provider’s call package.

8.8 Prize Provider(s): The prize is provided by BBC Children in Need and the BBC.

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