1. What is the Big Spotacular?

The Big Spotacular is BBC Children in Need’s brand new schools fundraising campaign, launched in partnership with Lloyds Bank.

This year we’re asking schools and nurseries to raise lots with the help of spots! We're asking schools to get involved in three different ways, depending on the type of school establishment you work in. We're asking nurseries to put on a Pudsey Picnic Party, primary schools to go spot mad and 'Make it Spotty' by wearing spots, selling spots (such as spotty bake sales or selling spotty Pudsey merchandise) and finally, asking secondary school students (and teachers!) to take on a sponsored 'Spot Challenge'. 

Our inspiring fundraising tools and education resources have been tailored for everyone from toddlers to teenagers, so that all schools and nurseries across the UK can join the fun and money to help disadvantaged children across the UK.

2. How can I join Spotacular?

There isn’t an official registration process to join the Big Spotacular. You can find everything you need to get involved within our schools fundraising kit and also online on the Spotacular website. Head to www.bbcchildreninneed.co.uk/schools/resources  and jump to the 'Fundraising Tools' section to download a kit.

3. Why do it?

By taking part in the Big Spotacular, your students will learn more about the lives of disadvantaged children across the UK and develop skills like communication, teamwork and decision-making – all the while having lots of fun getting spotty and raising money too. The education resources available are curriculum linked and are great for inspiring your students to take part.

Joining the Big Spotacular means you’ll join a movement of thousands of schools and millions of young people. Don’t miss out on this unique experience and the chance to make a real difference to disadvantaged children’s lives across the UK.

4. When will it happen?

We’re encouraging schools to line up their fundraising activities during appeal week (13 – 17 November), but it’s never too early to start planning and actually fundraising! Fundraising will culminate on the day of the appeal, Friday 17 November.

5. Why are Lloyds Bank involved?

Lloyds Bank is our Proud Schools Partner and is helping to make this the best year yet for BBC Children in Need. Together we share the same goal of supporting local communities and helping children and young people reach their full potential. Thanks to Lloyds, schools and nurseries are being supported to raise more money than ever before. The host of fantastic resources we have available online means we’ve got everything you need to ensure you’re Spotacular ready! As well as wall planners and posters to help you plan and promote your Spotacular fundraiser, you’ll also find lesson plans, videos, learning activities planners and videos. Get your school involved by visiting www.bbcchildreninneed.co.uk/schools/resources.

6. How can I order a fundraising kit? and when will I receive my kit?

The deadline to order a physical fundraising pack to arrive before appeal night is Monday 7 November. After this date the pack will be available for download. 

After this point you can download a pack from the schools website. Head to www.bbcchildreninneed.co.uk/schools/resources  and jump to the 'Fundraising Tools' section where you can download a kit.

7. What if I just want to do what we always do?

If you want to keep things simple and still do one-off fundraising events for BBC Children in Need, it’s no problem at all. We still have plenty of ideas and resources you can use – just pick and choose what works best for you.

8. I’m an early years practitioner, how will it work with the little ones?

A range of Spotacular themed resources specifically designed for early years are available to support children’s learning. They’ll begin to understand that some children lead incredibly tough lives and, small as they are, they can help to make a difference.

9. How can I get my colleagues involved?

Success is dependent on everyone getting on board and joining the fundraising journey. As a starting point, you can promote Spotacular by downloading and printing our Spotacular ‘staffroom poster’ from our resources page. Make sure you spread the word too, talking to other teachers about the benefits of the campaign and curriculum linked learning opportunities available to students. You could also spread the word among parents by downloading the ‘Letter to Parents’ template we’ve also provided on the resources page online.

10. Where can I buy Pudsey merchandise and do you offer any special rates to schools?

Schools and nurseries can buy a range of Spotacular Pudsey products from the official BBC Children in Need shop at www.bbcchildreninneedshop.co.uk/categories/Schools. We offer schools the merchandise at full price or a deposit prices - where you can pay for half of the cost of the merchandise and pay the rest with your fundraising donation. 

Please note that demand for stock has been really high and some products are no longer available. Try to order early to avoid disappointment.

11. How can I be featured on your website/social media channels?

We love hearing all about your Spotacular fundraising and we’d like to put as many schools and nurseries in the spotlight this year, via our website or social media channels. You can tell us what you’re doing by submitting our online submission form, or alternatively you can email us at spotacular@bbc.co.uk. Unfortunately we can’t share every story we receive, but we will be in touch with you directly if your story is selected.

12. Can BBC Children in Need come and film at my school/ can we be featured on Appeal Night?

Unfortunately we cannot select schools to appear on appeal night or for BBC filming opportunities, as this is decided by the BBC Editorial and not BBC Children in Need. Wherever possible and where we have permission to do so, we will share your school stories with BBC Editorial who will contact you directly if they have an opportunity available for you.

13. What if I have further questions?
You can contact us spotacular@bbc.co.uk if you need any further support. Back to top

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