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The Big Night In – Supporting people who need it most

The coronavirus crisis has affected us all like we could never have imagined. Whilst we are all in this together, sadly, it is the most vulnerable in our communities who will be hit hardest by this crisis. For people reliant on services that keep them safe from harm, mentally healthy and with access to food, warmth and shelter; the physical and social isolation that is necessary to help prevent the spread of coronavirus puts them even more at risk.

This includes vulnerable children and young people, people who are homeless or living in poverty, women and families at risk of domestic abuse, and those struggling with mental health problems, across the UK. We also know that people from black and minority ethnic communities are disproportionately being impacted by this crisis.

How the money will help

The money raised through The Big Night In will be split between Comic Relief and Children in Need and will go on to support a variety of charities and projects in the UK  so they can continue to provide frontline, essential support to people who need it through this crisis.

Our support is urgently needed across key areas:

  • Critical food and basic essentials

There is an increasing demand for getting essential items to people so their basic needs are met. For example, getting food and shelter to people, as well as facilities, such as cooking and laundry. This fund will support frontline charities to reach people who are in crisis and have no support.

  • Tackling isolation and connecting people with services

Many vital face-to face services that support people most at risk – including children and families, older people, people at risk of domestic violence and abuse and those living in poverty or without stable housing – are facing unprecedented demand for support. Social and physical isolation is also impacting people’s mental health and physical wellbeing. This fund will help organisations across UK communities reach people most affected and ensure they feel connected and supported.

  • Supporting charities to work in different ways to continue to address hidden risks

Local charities and projects are often the only witness to hidden dangers that go unnoticed behind closed doors, such as domestic abuse, child abuse or escalating mental health issues. They are a lifeline to many people in crisis, working alongside the NHS and key workers to support the most vulnerable in society. As NHS capacity is inevitably affected by the coronavirus crisis, these charities are playing a key role as part of the frontline response to covid-19 and are needed now more than ever to adapt their services to continue to reach people with vital support.

NHS Charities Together will also be one of the beneficiaries of The Big Night In. This funding will help provide psychological, mental health support to NHS workers to cope with the aftermath of the COVID-19 response, plus bereavement counselling and support to families of frontline NHS staff who have sadly lost their lives as a result of the pandemic.

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