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Our End-to-End Grant Process

We know that applying for funding can be difficult and take up a lot of time, so here is a simple, step-by-step guide to explain our funding process. Here you will find links to all the relevant information you will need.

Step 1

Before you Apply


Click on the links below to read our information before you apply:

If you have a question for us which isn’t answered above, you can visit our FAQs page or contact us.

Step 2

Expression of Interest


The first part of the application process is to complete an ‘Expression of Interest’. This is a short form to tell us more about your organisation and the work that you want us to fund. If we want to hear more about the work you are doing, you will be sent a full application form to complete. The Expression of Interest Form is designed to be a quick, easy way for you to tell us the basic idea of your project.

Decisions will be based on the work you are hoping to do, as well as how it fits in to our National and Regional Plans.

You can see a copy of our Expression of Interest Form here.

Step 3

Submit An Application


If your Expression of Interest is successful, you will be asked to submit a full application form. At the application stage you will be asked to give us more detail about the work you are doing. We will also ask for further details about your organisation’s finances, governance and safeguarding.

You can see copies of our application forms here:

Step 4

Finding Out More


For Applications of £15,000 or under per year

We aim to give quick decisions on applications for £15,000 or under. Depending on the complexity of your application and work, we may call you to clarify some information. For some complex applications we will have a longer conversation with you about the work you want us to fund.

For applications of £15,000 or over per year

After we have received your full application form, we might need more information about your organisation or the work you are doing. We may contact you with some additional questions via an email, a quick phone call or an assessment call.

Step 5

Start Your Grant


If your application with us is successful, we’ll send you an Offer Letter and a ‘Grant Acceptance Form’. Before you receive any payments, you will need to sign and return this, with your bank details, and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

You may be asked to fulfil some conditions before we release your grant. These conditions are designed to make sure your grant runs as smoothly as possible. They could involve you having to do something, or provide extra information about:

  • Your safeguarding
  • Your organisational finances
  • Your governance
  • Or anything to strengthen your organisation or project

As a condition of your grant, you may need to have a quick conversation (via phone, or in person) with your local Grant Officer, to talk about your grant. Once we have received all the information we require from you, your grant will be paid in instalments according to your grant award letter.

Step 6

Deliver your work


Once you’ve received your Offer Letter, you can start carrying out the work which we have awarded you funds for – even if your payments haven’t arrived yet. Your local Grant Officer may get in touch to ask about your project and may even come and visit your organisation.

If you’re unsure who your Grant Officer is, please get in touch.

Step 7



We require all our grantees to report back to us every year to tell us how they’ve done. This information lets us understand your grant better, and gives us a great insight into the fantastic work which you do. It also gives you a chance to tell us about the positive differences you have made in the lives of the Children and Young People you work with, and to send us interesting case studies.


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