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Minimum Standards For Grantmaking

These are the minimum standards an organisation must meet to be eligible for funding from BBC Children in Need:

Applications that meet these minimum standards will be assessed. In order to be eligible for a grant, an application must meet a range of additional criteria. You can find a full list of BBC Children in Need funding policies in our A to Z Guidance.


  • A Governing Body with a minimum of 3 members (i.e. Trustees or, for companies, Directors). If there are related members there must always be an independent member
  • The Governing Body meets at least four times a year.
  • Payment of members of the Governing Body:
      • must be detailed in a formal written agreement
      • for registered charities in England and Wales, this must be in the governing document or other document agreed by the Charity Commission or Courts
      • for CICs this must be clearly detailed in the governing document
  • Governing documents clearly state:
      • Organisation is not for profit, or has a clear clause in its governing document ensuring all income is applied to the organisation’s purposes and not distributed to members, shareholders or owners.
      • Charitable aims that are suitable for work with children and young people in the UK
      • Dissolution clause/asset lock in place requiring assets are distributed to a not for profit organisation with similar charitable aims in the instance of closure
      • CICs must have an asset lock and must name the selected organisation which funds will be distributed to.


  • Provide official accounts to include income statement and balance sheet signed and dated by Chair or Treasurer of Governing Body*, that are no more than 18 months old. An explanation must be provided if accounts are more than 18 months old.  We expect documents to show both restricted and unrestricted activity and reserves

*We do not require signed accounts for charities registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. We expect organisations to still formally approve their accounts, and a signed copy must still be available at the charity’s registered address which we may request.

  • The accounts must show that your organisation is solvent

*By this we mean that your accounts show that you are not relying on future income to meet existing short term commitments, i.e. your current assets are sufficient to cover your current liabilities.

  • Provide a financial forecast if organisation is in the first 12-18 months of operation. Forecast to include at minimum:
      • Projected income
      • Projected expenditure
      • Some planning / clarity around income generation
  • Organisation should evidence that financial transactions and payments are reviewed by two unrelated payment authorisers


  • Safeguarding policy in the applicant organisation’s own name.
  • Named safeguarding representative within the organisation.
  • Safeguarding training for all staff, volunteers, who have face-to-face contact with Children and Young people:
      • Training must be appropriate to the nature of the work and must be refreshed regularly.
      • Training should cover both safeguarding best practice and a briefing on the organisation’s safeguarding policies and procedures
  • All people working with children are subject to relevant background checks i.e. Disclosure & Barring Service, Disclosure Scotland or Access NI. This includes all staff, management committee, trustees or volunteers, who have direct access to children. Checks must be refreshed regularly
  • Safeguarding Children policy includes clear steps to take in the event of an incident or disclosure, including who to inform and how to contact them.
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