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Pudsey's Page

Hello Pudsey, it’s great to meet you. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello everyone! My name is Pudsey. I’m the mascot for BBC Children in Need which means I get to encourage everyone I meet to be SPOTacular (and even a lot of people I haven’t met too). I help people when they need it most, but I also have a lot of fun doing it too. Sometimes I even get to hang out with celebrities, but I don’t get starstruck. After all, I am Pudsey! 

What’s your favourite colour?

Well, obviously it’s yellow. Although, I do have a soft spot for anything bright and jolly – just take a look at my spotty bandana. 

What do you like to do for fun?

Every day is a chance to do something SPOTacular with my friends. We love to go for walks together and we talk all the time. I think it’s important to get out in the fresh air, shake off the cobwebs and have a chat with my pals. I love playing football too! I’ve been practicing my penalty SPOT, and I think I’m really, really, really good, but my friends said I’ve still got a lot to learn. Just because I keep kicking the ball over everyone’s heads and into the canal, it doesn’t mean I’m not SPOTacular at it! Well, maybe it does, but as long as we’re all being active and having fun then I’m happy. I also invented Bear Pong, which is a brilliant party game! Make sure you try it for yourself.

Thanks Pudsey, I will. Do you have a favourite song or music for when you’re having fun?

I love anything that makes me want to get up and moving! But if I want to relax and feel warm and fuzzy (well, more so than normal) I listen to ‘Only You’ by the SPOTacular Becky Hill. She’s super talented and this song is amazing, it makes me want to give all my friends a big bear hug.

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Pudsey is now on TikTok!

Follow him and watch all his videos here.

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You seem really outgoing Pudsey! Have you ever had an embarrassing moment?

I don’t get embarrassed easily. I always think it’s better to try new things and do your best, and if it doesn’t work out then at least you gave it a SPOTacular go…

…so have you had an embarrassing moment? Go on, tell us about it!

Oh okay then. Well, when I first appeared on television I looked a lot different than I do now. Believe it or not I wasn’t even yellow! Photos of the old me do make me cringe a bit, but it was the start of my SPOTacular journey so I can’t grizzle too much about my awkward debut. 

It’s not that bad Pudsey. We think you looked adorable. Anyway, back to the questions. What’s your favourite food? 

I love all food but anything spotty is my absolute favourite. I baked some SPOTacular cupcakes for a bake sale to raise money for BBC Children in Need and had to try one to make sure they tasted as good as they looked. It tasted even better! The bake sale was a big success and I think it was because of my super-spotty cupcakes. I do like my veggies too though. Keeping a healthy balance is very important for a busy bear like me.

You mention you’re a busy bear, what else do you like to do?

Most of my time I’m very busy helping people. I know times are tough at the moment and I do what I can to make people smile. Anyone can have bad days or difficult days and I believe it’s really important to look after each other and that’s what I try my best to do. I just want everybody out there to know that we’re there for you. 

That’s lovely Pudsey, good for you. Now, our next question: what 3 things would you take with you on a deserted island?

That’s easy! For starters I’d take my trusty bandana because I never leave the house without it. Next, I’d take that SPOTacular cupcake I mentioned earlier as a tasty snack for when I get a bit peckish. Last of all, I’d take a great big spotty house so all my friends can come and stay too if it gets a bit boring. 

I’m not sure that’s how deserted islands work Pudsey…

Aww, that’s a shame. I quite like the sound of a big SPOTacular holiday.

Thank you for your time Pudsey. It’s been SPOTacular getting to know you better.

No problem. I love making new friends – it is a very SPOTacular thing to do. Bye for now!


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