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Young Fundraiser of the Year Award Terms

Terms and Conditions for Entries for the Sir Terry Wogan Young Fundraiser of the Year Award 2023

Your Privacy

Please see the Sir Terry Wogan Young Fundraiser of the Year Uploader Privacy Notice for information about how your and the nominee’s personal data will be used.

Terms and Conditions

1. Eligibility

1.1 Nominees must be residents of the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. You may nominate yourself or someone else. BBC Children in Need reserves the right to encourage applications in any way it sees fit and to include production/editorially curated nominations and previous nominations to supplement this year’s public nominations.

1.2 Nominees may be individuals, groups of people, an organisation or similar. However, we may exclude nominees that have been paid for their fundraising, or any corporate-backed fundraising and volunteer work.

1.3 Nominees must not be current employees of BBC Children in Need, the BBC (or any of its group companies including BBC Studios Limited and BBC Studios Productions Limited from now on known as BBC), their close relatives or any person connected to the award.

1.4 Nominees must have organised or participated in raising funds for BBC Children in Need. We cannot consider any fundraising that was not wholly carried out in aid of BBC Children in Need.

1.5 Nominees must be able to provide proof of payment of funds to BBC Children in Need if requested.

1.6 You, the nominator, must be at least 18 or if you are under 18 you must ask a parent or guardian to provide their contact details on the nomination form instead of yours.

1.7 Nominees must be under 18 years old and you must obtain permission from their parent/ guardian before you nominate them and must provide their parent/ guardian’s contact details on request. By nominating them you confirm that you have obtained this permission. If a nominee wins, they must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian to the BBC Children in Need Appeal Show and/or any filming or radio recordings.

1.8 Shortlisted nominees and the winner must:

· be available to be contacted between 1st October 2023 and 31st December 2023;

· be available for the award presentation to be filmed on a date to be determined between 24th October 2023 and the 17th November 2023 (which may be live on the BBC Children in Need Appeal Show on 17th November 2023);

· agree to take part in any filming, radio interviews, broadcast and publicity relating to the award if required (any filming/recording will take place between 24th October and 31st December 2023). This may include for BBC Radio 2, Blue Peter BBC Children in

Need Appeal Show, Morning Live, other BBC programming or related websites and/or social media.

1.9 You (as the nominator) must obtain permission from the nominee(s) before nominating them and make them aware of these terms and conditions, in particular the requirements under section 1.8 above.

2. Open and closing dates

Nominations for the Young Fundraiser of the Year Award open on 22nd September at 9am. Nominations close on 15th October 2023 at 11pm. Entries must be received before this date/time and any nomination forms received after this date/time will not be considered.

3. How to enter

3.1 To nominate entries must be made through the BBC Children in Need Uploader page. You can complete and submit the nomination form online at No other entry method is available. If you need help with the Uploader please contact [email protected]

3.2 The BBC and BBC Children in Need will not be responsible for any entries that are not received by it for any reason, by the closing date, whether lost, delayed, corrupted or otherwise, and whether or not due to any technical difficulties or malfunctions.

3.3 There is no restriction on the number of nominations you may make.

4. How the finalists and winner will be chosen

4.1 There will be one winner (be that one individual or one group, organisation or similar).

4.2 The aim of the award is to celebrate an individual, group or organisation that has shown great creativity, commitment and inspiration to raise money for BBC Children in Need. The level of money that has been raised is secondary, as the aim is to celebrate the imagination and determination required in fundraising in a bid to inspire others to take part and join in. Nominees need to have displayed the following attributes and nominations will be judged on such criteria:

· shown great creativity in fundraising;

· shown great inspiration in fundraising;

· shown great determination in fundraising.

4.3 Nominations will be judged through the process outlined below:


A shortlist of a maximum of 5 nominees will be chosen by the BBC Children in Need and BBC teams.

We will contact you (as the nominator) at some point between 1st October – 22nd October 2023 telephone or email if we are considering short listing your nominee. Due to time

constraints, if we cannot get hold of you and/or your nominee(s) by 5pm on 22nd October 2023 we reserve the right to exclude your nomination from the shortlist.

If you do not hear from us, this means your entry has not been chosen for the shortlist this time and we won’t take your entry any further.

Finalists and Winner

4.4 A separate judging panel will review each of the shortlisted nominees and choose three finalists, and decide which of these is the winner. The judging panel will consist of a representative of Sir Terry Wogan’s family (if available), BBC Children in Need, BBC Radio 2, Blue Peter, the BBC Children in Need Appeal Show team and an independent fundraising organisation. One member will be elected as the Chair to determine the outcome in the event of a tie.

4.5 Shortlisted nominees will find out if they are one of the three finalists or not between 23rd October and 5th November but may not find out if they have won the award (or that they have not won) until 17th November 2023.

4.6 The winner will be announced to the public at a time and date to be determined by us and the BBC in our sole discretion which may be during the BBC Children in Need Appeal Show, Morning Live, on Blue Peter, on Radio 2, other BBC and/or BBC Programming, our website or elsewhere. The winner may find out that they have won at the same time as we make the announcement public.

5. The Award

5.1 The Sir Terry Wogan Young Fundraiser of the Year Award 2023 will be awarded to the winner between 24th October 2023 and 17th November 2023.

5.2 The finalists will also be invited to appear on Michael Ball’s Radio 2 show currently scheduled for 5th November 2023- this is expected to be done remotely.

5.3 The winner will also be invited to attend the filming of Blue Peter and/or the BBC Children in Appeal Show in Salford on the 17th November 2023. If the winner is an individual, they may bring one parent or legal guardian. If the winner is a group, organisation or similar, then a maximum of four people may attend from the group. All under 18s must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian (who will count towards the permitted numbers).

5.4 The winner’s award includes the following for the winner and one parent/legal guardian (if the winner is an individual) or for a maximum of four individuals from the group (if the winner is a group, organisation or similar):

· return standard travel from the winner’s UK base, plus the Isle of Man and Channel Islands, to the hotel booked by us, plus transfer from the hotel to the filming location of the presentation of the award;

· one night’s accommodation at a hotel if deemed necessary by BBC Children in Need due to the timing of the filming of the presentation of the award, on a room only basis based on two people sharing a double or twin room (at the winner’s choice and subject to availability);

· return standard class travel from the winner’s UK base, plus the Isle of Man and Channel Islands, to the hotel booked by us plus transfers from the hotel to the Appeal Show or Blue Peter;

· tickets to the BBC Children in Need Appeal Show;

· one night’s accommodation at a hotel on the night of the Appeal Show on a room-only basis based on two people sharing a twin room (at the winner’s choice and subject to availability); and

· for the winner, the Sir Terry Wogan Fundraiser of the Year Award trophy (note there is only one trophy regardless of whether the winner is an individual, group, organisation or similar).

5.5 For the avoidance of doubt, unless expressly stated in these terms, no other expenses, costs, fees or other sums will be paid by us including, without limit, any additional hotel charges.

5.6 The winner(s) and finalists parent/legal guardian must let us and the BBC know of any disability or accessibility requirements in advance.

5.7 If for any reason, the BBC Children in Need Appeal Show or Michael Ball Radio 2 Show is cancelled, there is no substitute available.

5.8 The award is not transferable. No part of the award is exchangeable for cash or any other item.

6. Promotion and Publicity

6.1 By nominating, you agree that, BBC Children in Need and the BBC may publicise the three finalists’ names, ages and counties (you confirm that you have the nominee’s parent/guardian’s permission for this).

6.2 If additional filming for the presentation ceremony is required, the BBC will pay reasonable travel costs.

6.3 In the event of filming, any mobility issues or specific needs should be declared in advance so we or the BBC can ensure that any assistance that may be required (for example accessibility or mobility issues for studio filming) can be arranged in advance.

6.4 If you (the nominator) or a nominee provide any images or videos to us or the BBC in connection the nomination, you or the relevant nominee (as applicable) will retain copyright in such material but grant to us and the BBC the perpetual, royalty free, worldwide right to use, reproduce, publish, broadcast and exhibit such videos or images in any media and across any platforms. No fees will be payable for any of the above uses. You/the nominee (as applicable) must ensure that you have permission to share the images or video for such purposes including, without limit, the permission of everyone featured in the images or video. By submitting the images or video to us you or a nominee (as applicable) confirm that you/the nominee have such permission.

6.5 Neither you (as a nominator) nor any nominees can exploit the award itself or any other element of this award process. Neither you nor any nominees are permitted to make use of any of the BBC’s trademarks or copyright works (except as permitted by law) now or in future.

6.6 We and the BBC cannot guarantee that you or any nominees will be filmed or featured in publicity in any way and we and the BBC are not obliged to film or use any film, material or other content in any way.

6.7 The above travel and hotel costs are only in relation to any filming for the winner of the award. If the BBC contact you in relation to filming for anything else or in regard to your fundraising in general and you agree to take part, expenses will be agreed on a case by case basis.

6.8 If you nominate someone else you are confirming to us that you have obtained their parent or guardian’s permission beforehand and that they and their parent/guardian have been given the privacy information referred to above. We and the BBC may also announce the name, age and county of the shortlisted nominees and winner.

6.9 We and the BBC may carry out verification checks on the shortlisted nominees and ask you about any criminal convictions and offences (including any civil cases, allegations or investigations that are being carried out). It is important we are aware of anything in the nominee’s background that could have the potential to bring the BBC, BBC Children in Need or the Sir Terry Wogan Young Fundraiser of the Year Award into disrepute. Subject to the outcome of these searches, we and the BBC may also carry out further verification checks using a third party who also carries out verification checks via publicly available sources. The outcome of these verification checks could inform the decision as to the selection of the winner and shortlisted nominees. For full information please see the Sir Terry Wogan Fundraiser of the Year Uploader Privacy Notice.

6.10 The winner and shortlisted nominees (including all members of their group, organisation or similar) will also be required to sign a BBC and/or BBC Children in Need Personal Declaration Form. Additional questionnaires, release forms and declaration forms may need to be completed.

7. Uploader and our responsibilities

7.1 Please don’t send us or the BBC anything that:

· Isn’t in English or Welsh

· Is illegal or defamatory (damaging to someone else’s reputation)

· Is inappropriate (offensive, off-topic or disruptive)

· Contains spam

· Breaks the BBC’s election or referendum rules

· Puts children at risk

· Infringes anyone’s rights (that includes privacy rights)

· You’ve done as part of your job or for your business

· Promotes a business

· Identifies someone (unless you have their consent or, if they’re under 18, the consent of their parent or guardian)

· Is in contempt of court

· Contains links to content that can’t be seen easily, may be unsafe (viruses, worms, spyware and Trojans) or automatically launches lots of windows.

· Doesn’t comply with these Terms and Conditions

7.2 We and the BBC take great care to make our content and Uploader the best they can be. So if something does go wrong, we and the BBC are responsible only:

· If BBC or BBC Children in Need content or the Uploader damage your device or anything on it. Should this happen, you might be able to ask for compensation under consumer protection law. Compensation isn’t guaranteed, though. Be sure to get legal advice.

· For certain unlikely events if our negligence causes death or injury, for example.

· If you’re an individual “consumer” and it would be unfair for us to not be held responsible.

7.3 Otherwise, the BBC and BBC Children in Need are not liable for anything that happens if:

· You rely on advice, data, commentary, opinions or any other content

· There are errors, omissions, interruptions, delays, bugs or viruses

· We turn off or remove content or Uploader (we’d normally only do this when we moderate, for legal reasons, or if we’re improving Uploader)

· The thing that happens couldn’t reasonably have been foreseen

· The thing that happens wouldn’t usually result from the mishap

· You and we hadn’t agreed that this thing would probably happen in the event of a mishap

· This applies to sites we link to as well as our content and Uploader.

8. General

8.1 We and the BBC may disqualify any nomination or nominee that breaches any of these terms and conditions or acts fraudulently in any way. Depending on the age of the nominee, the BBC or we will obtain appropriate child licences for nominees (including the winners) if deemed necessary. Parents or guardians will be required to provide appropriate documentation to assist if licensing is required. If after reasonable attempts we or BBC cannot acquire this documentation, the nominee may be disqualified.

8.2 We and the BBC reserve the right to disqualify shortlisted nominees and/or any winner if they cannot take up any element of the award, cannot undertake any elements of the filming/recording or stages in the awards as detailed above or if consent to time off school or licenses cannot be obtained. We and the BBC reserve the right to offer that position to the next best entry.

8.3 We and the BBC may cancel the awards at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, or if circumstances arise outside our control.

8.4 The award and all arrangements are subject to cancellation and change due to Covid guidance at the discretion of the BBC and/or BBC Children in Need.

8.5 We, the BBBC and collectively its sub-contractors, subsidiaries and/or agencies cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any technical failure or malfunction, or any other problem which may result in any entry being lost or not properly registered.

8.6 We and the BBC may amend these terms and conditions at any stage and in any way.

8.7 These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and the English courts have jurisdiction.

8.8 To the extent applicable, certain elements of the BBC’s code of conduct for competitions will apply to these awards. You can read more about it here:

8.9 Promoter: BBC Children in Need, 1st Floor Bridge House, Media City UK, Salford, M50 2BH (“we”, “us”, “our”)

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