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A Million and Me- partners and collaborations

Funded partners

  • MHI Shout 24/7 crisis support text line
  • YoungMinds Engaging with parents and carers, enabling them to recognise and respond to children’s concerns.
  • Parent Zone Creation of Ollee – a virtual friend for children aged 8-11 that helps them think about how they’re feeling, then seek the support of their parents or another trusted adult. Parents can also use it to get advice about subjects they think their child might need extra support with.
  • Verbal Storyteller is an App based activity designed to help children tell their own stories through clinically curated literature with structured support.
  • WAVE Prescription Surf Supporting children’s mental health through the medium of surfing, with a key role in developing social prescribing for children.
  • Positive Youth Foundation Supports the most vulnerable young people and communities across the Midlands with a particular focus on newly arrived families.
  • Stormbreak A curated programme of movement for mental health offered both digitally and directly to children and families in home, community and school settings.
  • One Space A single portal helpline designed to respond to the increase in demand during the pandemic, delivered by a coalition of YoungMinds, The Mix and MHI Shout.
  • The Proud Trust Proud Connections is the UK’s first digital service for LGBT+ young people and the adults who support them, offering an online chat function and expert, topical advice.
  • Women of the World WOWsers – A Creative Explosion invites girls and non-binary young people from all over the UK to be part of a special creative project developing girl leaders and creating an online lending library by, with and for girls.
  • Voices from Care Cymru The organisation will lead a national conversation challenging the corporate parenting role of the state to enable stable and trusted relationships to be sustained around children in the care system.
  • Black Thrive Delivers a range of creative initiatives, grounded in both academic and locally led research, that engage children in culturally appropriate responses supporting their mental wellbeing through the lens of racial justice.


Centre for Mental Health

CMH is our evaluation partner, supporting us to find and share the learning coming from the projects funded through the A Million & Me programme.

Through regular convening events a common purpose has been developed across diverse work, establishing support networks for 8-13 year olds who are beginning to struggle with their mental health.

In addition, CMH has produced two scoping reports to inform the programme, The Space Between Us, examining the issues facing children growing up in isolated communities, rural, coastal and island and an overview of conduct disorder and how it is currently managed.

Queen’s University Belfast, Children’s Rights Centre

Led by global expert Prof Laura Lundy, Queen’s established a pilot children’s advisory panel of 9-11 year olds to help inform and develop the programme and share their views on what good mental health looked like. The group of 10 children from different backgrounds across Scotland called themselves #amillion&mesquad and kept us right on language and focus. Queen’s produced a Participation Toolkit and evaluation report which will inform future advisory panels.

Immediate Media

For over a year, Immediate Media ran a complementary campaign promoting positive messaging on supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing across their publications. With a distribution of over 900,000 a month, the ‘Your Mind Matters’ campaign was awarded ‘Campaign of the Year’ by the Professional Publishers Association. All content was expertly reviewed by the Centre for Mental Health for both accuracy and alignment with BBC Children in Need ambition.

Anna Freud

A programme of support to the portfolio of projects currently funded by BBC Children in Need, is being delivered by Anna Freud. The purpose of this capacity building exercise is to encourage and inform trusted adults in children’s lives who can listen, help to clarify concerns and know if and where to get additional help. Anna Freud will build on what is being done intuitively to make best use of those trusted relationships by enabling children to talk about their feelings and get the help they need, how, where and when they want it.

This programme will be evaluated independently by the Centre for Mental Health.


As the BBC’s charity, Children in Need works closely across a range of platforms locally and nationally, to share learning and promote engagement with children and their families and carers. The diverse life experiences of children in our portfolio offer rich insights into issues affecting children’s wellbeing which we will share, support and promote with our partners across all strands of the BBC.

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