Pudsey's Round Pound Countdown<br>

Pudsey's Round Pound Countdown is on...

You can no longer spend your old pounds, but we can still collect them and put them to work changing young lives here in the UK.

Millions of round pound coins are still in circulation. We're challenging the nation to hunt for them in saving jars, piggy banks, coat pockets and down the back of sofas, then put them to good use by donating to BBC Children in Need!

We're aiming to collect as many as we can before our big Appeal Day on 17th November.

So hunt for your last round pounds and donate them to make them count!

Pudsey's Round Pound Timer Pudsey's Round Pound Timer

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to go 'til appeal day to go 'til appeal day

How to donate your Round Pound Coins

You're never far from one of our Round Pound drop-off points.

Take your coins to any major bank or building society, Post Office, Boots, Greggs, Cineworld or Welcome Break.

Drop them off in any BBC Children in Need collection box you find there. Or if you're at a Post Office, bank or building society, simply let the cashier know that you would like to donate your Round Pounds to BBC Children in Need.

In partnership with The Royal Mint and HM Treasury

We’re delighted to partner with The Royal Mint and HM Treasury in their drive to get the old pound coins back to the Royal Mint, and change lives along the way.