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Pudsey Bearpees: your challenge week-by-week

The Grand Finale!

And….breathe! We’re so unbelievably proud of every single one of you. No matter how many Bearpees you managed, or for how many days, you joined us on an epic mission to change children’s lives for the better. There’s been tough moments, fun moments and a few times we might’ve regretted signing up (shh, don’t tell anyone). But we made it together, and we honestly can’t say it enough: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Now get yourselves on that sofa with a well-deserved cuppa and enjoy our Big Show tonight – that totaliser will include your fundraising money, and it’s those extra pounds and pennies that make all the difference.

One final time: THANK YOU! You’re amazing.

Week 5 message from Joe Wicks

Week 4

We’re all feeling the burn now, daydreaming of days when we no longer have to roll out the yoga mat and squeeze 33 Bearpees into our daily routines. But thankfully, there’s only a few days left! And at the end of it, there’s an epic Grand Finale and, of course, our Big Show – so there’ll be plenty of opportunity to chill out and feel immensely proud of how far we’ve come. Whatever you do, DON’T GIVE UP! Just a few more days to go. You’ve got this.

Week 4 message from Joe Wicks

Week 3

Reaching halfway feels AMAZING! We’re all shining our social medals and wearing our Pudsey Bearpees sweatbands with pride.

Giving up isn’t an option now with the end so nearly in sight. Joe Wicks has been keeping us motivated, but we’ve also seen footballers challenging each other, and Pudsey Bear himself giving it a go.

As we hit the final two weeks, there’s just time to send round that fundraising page a few more times and sweep up last-minute donations. Then it’ll be onto the GRAND FINALE! Which of course, is going to be epic! Keep your eyes peeled for your invite, and let the countdown begin…

Week 3 message from Joe Wicks

Week 2

It’s all starting to kick in! With a week of Bearpees under our belts, we’re feeling a little achy – but our energy levels are rising at the same time.

Many of us are finding that our Bearpees are actually getting easier; we’re really mastering the technique as a team, and we’re sure you are, too.

Of course, missing a day means tagging on an extra session elsewhere if we want to hit our target of 1,000, so it’s important to stay motivated! However, seeing the support and sponsorship flooding in makes that drive easy to find.

After all, Pudsey, Joe and the BBC Children in Need team know that all of the funds raised as part of the Bearpees Challenge will help to make a huge difference. Keep going – we can do it!

Remember to share your progress and updates with us on social media using the hashtag #TeamBearpees.

Week 1

Getting started is always the hardest part, but that didn’t stop all the amazing fundraisers signed up to The Bearpees Challenge!

On Monday 16th October, whether early in the morning, in a lunchtime break, or after work or school, everyone launched into their first round of Bearpees, chipping away at that 1,000 total.

We saw all kinds of Bearpees, from extreme to seated to low-impact, but the one thing everyone had in common was an amazing motivation to challenge themselves and make a difference.

As the weeks go by, it’s sure to get tougher, but with Joe Wicks, Pudsey Bear and even BBC Children in Need staff all taking on Pudsey Bearpees, we’ll make it there together.

Stay strong, and don’t give up!

Week 1 message from Joe Wicks

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