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Five SPOTacular fundraising ideas for your staffroom

Whether you’re getting the whole school involved or simply raising money with fellow teachers, your support makes a huge difference right across the UK.

1. Bear Pong

Bear Pong is what fundraising is all about – silly fun to raising life-changing funds. The aim of the game is simple: compete against your colleagues to be the best at bouncing ping pong balls so they land (and stay!) in cups at the far end of the table.

Find everything you need to join in here.

2. Wear something spotty

Whether it’s spotty hairbands, spotty nails, spotty socks or spotty Pudsey ears, ask staff to come in on Friday 18th November simply wearing something spotty. Find dress up ideas, rosettes, certificates and more right here.

3. Jellybean jar

It couldn’t be simpler. Grab a jar, fill it to the brim with treats of your choice, take donations for guesses on how many there are and the winner takes the sweets!

4. Auction of promises

Come up with a list of promises, such as cleaning someone else’s desk, giving up your parking space to a colleague, covering a class, and let colleagues bid donations to win!

5. Baby photos

Dig out your old baby photos and ask for donations to guess who’s who. Whichever teacher guesses the most right gets a prize!

Free downloadable resources to boost your fundraising

Ways to collect fundraising money

Whether you’re collecting money with our DIY Pudsey moneybox, setting up a JustGiving fundraising page or using our free downloadable sponsorship form, here’s everything you need to know about collecting and sending in money.

  • Online fundraising page
  • Create-your-own moneybox
  • Downloadable sponsorship form

Pudsey prizes and more from our shop

Find the perfect prize for your fundraiser, plus look the part whilst joining in.

Why join in?

By taking part, you can support children and young people experiencing rising poverty and mental health concerns due to the cost of living crisis.

With your help, we can continue funding vital projects so that every child has the chance to thrive.

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