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Pudsey gift card

Create a gift voucher

Our gift vouchers bring joy and kindness not only to the person unwrapping them, but also to hundreds of families across the UK. They’re super quick and easy to create, making them the perfect last-minute present – no matter the occasion.

Pudsey gift card

What are BBC Children in Need gift vouchers?

Lots of people love to give gifts that benefit charities. Instead of buying chocolate, clothes or the latest gadgets for your loved ones, you can buy them the gift of kindness: a donation in their name to BBC Children in Need. Our gift vouchers make for superb charity presents, allowing you to make a donation, then pick a gorgeous free voucher to customise and print, letting your loved one know the amazing impact their gift will have. It’s the perfect gift for the person who has everything!

How to create your gift voucher

  • 1

    Make a donation

    Hit the button below to make a donation for the amount you'd like to give as a gift

  • 2

    Choose a voucher

    Take a look at the 'Choose your gift voucher' section below to pick from our Christmas, Birthday and Just For You designs

  • 3

    Give as a gift

    Customise your voucher, then print it and wrap it up or pop it in an envelope for your loved one

Choose your gift voucher

Once you’ve made a donation, select your gift voucher from below.

How much should I donate?

It’s completely up to you! We’re so grateful for every single penny our supporters donate, and even a small donation can have a huge impact. Whether you donate £1, £10 or £100, you can download our free gift vouchers above and customise to match the amount you’ve given. You can also use the information below to tell your loved ones about the incredible impact of their gift.

£1 pays for a nutritious breakfast for a child affected by poverty, ensuring they have a positive start to their day and can engage well at school.

£2 pays for a hygiene pack for a 10-year-old affected by poverty providing them with toothpaste and body wash, and supporting them to feel more confident.

£5 pays for a sensory toy for a disabled child supporting them to play and to feel calm.

£10 pays for a 1:1 session with a mentor for a 10-year-old with Sickle Cell helping her to manage and understand her feelings, to feel less anxious and to build confidence.

£20 pays for a 12-year-old with cancer to attend a fun day out, supporting her to have a break from hospital appointments, to have fun and make positive memories.

£30 pays for a food parcel for 6 children affected by poverty, ensuring they can access healthy food, and improving their physical and emotional wellbeing.

£50 pays for a year’s worth of art supplies for a child who has experienced domestic abuse, enabling them to engage in art therapy sessions with a therapist helping them to cope and communicate their feelings.

£100 pays for a storytelling session on an oncology ward for up to 20 children with cancer, bringing joy, sparking their imaginations and helping them to have fun at a difficult time.

A yellow Pudsey Bear toy plushy

Add a bear to make it extra special

Want to add an extra special touch to your gift voucher? Head to our shop to order a cuddly Pudsey bear. The sale of every Pudsey teddy bear also raises life-changing funds for children across the UK.

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