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Build your own SPOTacular challenge

Whatever you do for fun, turn it into a sponsorship-worthy challenge by going further, longer, bigger or brighter. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to building your own challenge.

Step 1

Figure out what you enjoy


Nothing makes a better starting point for a challenge than something you already love doing. Perhaps you’re a pro cook, an esteemed baker or an expert cake decorator. Maybe sports are more your thing and you’re into running, swimming, tennis or long-jump. You might be learning a new skill, it could be painting, writing, languages or the piano. Or you might just love chilling and playing games or reading a book.

Whatever you can think of, write it down and get ready to transform it into a challenge!

Step 2

Make it more challenging!


Take that thing you love doing and think about how you could make it more challenging. If you’re into sports, maybe you’ll run further, swim faster or cycle for longer. If it’s a team sport like tennis or basketball, you could challenge yourself to play in different locations or perfect a particular move. If it’s cooking you love, you might bake from dusk till dawn, or take on that challenging bake you’ve always been intimidated by. If you’re into music or painting, try out your artistic abilities blindfolded, with a back-to-back concert or with a speed-painting challenge.

Whatever you love doing, go further, longer, bigger, brighter and faster!

Step 3

Add a splash of SPOTacular magic


This year’s BBC Children in Need is all about The Great SPOTacular. Wear spots, paint spots, bake spots or simply feel SPOTacular! If you’re taking on a sports challenge, why not add some spotty accessories? If you’re hosting a game-a-thon, bake up some spotty biscuits to keep you fuelled for the challenge. If you’re speed-painting, why not make everyone’s favourite yellow bear your subject!

Step 4

Collect sponsorship


Whether you’re collecting money with our DIY Pudsey moneybox, setting up a JustGiving fundraising page or using our free downloadable sponsorship form, find everything you need to know about collecting and sending in money below.

Step 5

Have fun and join in on BBC Children in Need Day!


This year, BBC Children in Need Day falls on Friday 18th November, but whether your challenge is set for this date, before or after we’d still love to see how you get on. Join us on social @BBCCiN and tune into our show to enjoy being a part of something amazing.

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Head to our challenge hub for everything you need, from free printable resources to Pudsey goodies

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