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10 easy ways to boost your fundraising

By raising money you’re helping to change children’s lives far and wide across the UK, and that’s amazing! No matter what you raise, it makes a huge difference. But there’s also loads of things you can do to help bring in those extra pennies and pounds. Here’s just a few ideas to help you smash that target.
Various fundraising page resources

1. Customise your fundraising page

A personalised fundraising page will help you to stand out and look the part!

With space to tell your story and the opportunity for sponsors to leave messages of encouragement, it’s not only great for topping up donations, but also a fantastic motivator.

Download our handy tools here

Share your page on social media

2. Shout about it

It might seem obvious, but sharing your fundraiser on social media is a sure fire way to get everyone involved and raising money.

Make sure to tag @BBCCiN to let us know what you’re up to!

Find our handy social media images and other tools here

Young girl with a hearing aid holding a football laughing out loud

3. Share your story

Reminding yourself and others of why you’re taking part is a great way to boost your motivation and get everyone rooting for you. Whether you’ve got a personal motivation or you’re passionate about making a difference, let everyone know on your fundraising page.

Take a look at the stories of children and young people whose lives you’re helping to change here

4. Matched giving

However you’re raising money, make sure to ask your workplace managerial team about Matched Giving.

It’s a quick way for organisations to match the fundraising totals of their staff. And so they should – it’s a great incentive to get the team involved and a good reason to shout about their efforts!

5. Grab some resources

We’ve got tonnes of handy tools on our site ready and waiting to download, print and give your fundraiser that extra special Pudsey sparkle. With bunting, posters, certificates, trophies and more. Plus check out our range of kits especially for Act your Age, Countryfile Ramble and this year’s Duck Race Sweepstake.

Get your resources here

6. Look the part

So you’ve got your Pudsey ears, now’s the chance to add that extra Pudsey sparkle with our brand new range of sustainable accessories.

Rally your fellow fundraisers by donning our official t-shirt, lanyards, wristbands, and pin-badges.

They’re yellow, they’re Pudsey-tastic and they won’t just get you motivated, the sale of each and every one also helps to change children’s lives across the UK.

Check out our full range on the high street and online here

Person picking up a colourful chocolate chip cookie.

7. Snacks for cash

Unless you’re already planning a bake sale, adding snacks and drinks to your fundraiser is a great way to round up some last minute donations.

There’s loads of tasty recipes and ideas on the BBC Food website here!

Giftaid it logo, written in a handwriting style on a white background

8. Say yes to Gift Aid

When you or your supporters say yes to Gift Aid, we can boost donations by a whopping 25%!

That’s because UK taxpayers have already paid tax on their earnings, and the government allow us to claim that back because giving to charity is a good thing to do. And the best bit? It doesn’t cost you a penny!

If the money has come from someone else e.g. friends and family who have supported your fundraising activity, we need their details to claim Gift Aid so use our handy sponsorship form here to collect these.

A mini Pudsey moneybox on a teal background, made up using the cut out on our site

9. Build a moneybox

It’s cute, it’s yellow and it’s surprisingly fun to cut out and build. Leaving out one of our mini Pudsey moneyboxes is a great way to collect any last-minute pennies. Plus it looks utterly adorable.

Download from our site here

Classic Pudsey Ears

10. Get your ears on

If there’s one accessory that everyone knows and loves, it’s our furry, yellow Pudsey ears.

They’re perfect for getting everyone in the fundraising mood and helping to raise awareness of your event.

Pudsey ears are available from the high street and our online shop here

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