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The Urgency of Protecting Future Generations

by Fozia Irfan, Director of Impact and Influence

The power of children and young people cannot be underestimated and is a beacon of hope for us all, in these difficult times. As adults, we have gone through challenges over the last few years but for children their world has been through a profound transformation and in their short lives, they have witnessed events which will define their generation. At BBC Children in Need, we have the privilege of funding some amazing projects across the UK, working with young people and we are constantly astonished at their resilience, energy and passion. It is their unwavering spirit that motivates us to tirelessly raise funds, provide grants to grassroot charities and projects in communities across the UK and work hand in hand with them to bring about change in our world.

But we cannot ignore the many difficulties facing children and young people in the UK. The pandemic may have started in 2020, but three years later we are still dealing with its repercussions– our young people are coping with unprecedented levels of mental health problems, including anxiety, depression and grief.  In our recent survey of over 2000 children, one third of children said that they regularly feel anxious or worried. Charities tell us they are unable to manage the high level of demand being placed on them and we know how difficult it is to access help.

Couple this situation with the daily struggle many families have to place food on the table or to provide essentials and the magnitude of the problems facing the UK, become all too clear. Things are tough for many families and every day can seem like a battle – items which many of us take for granted such as heating, a warm meal and a bed to sleep on, are now luxuries for the families we work with. Such a state of affairs is unacceptable, and we are resolute in our refusal to accept it.

So how does BBC Children in Need help? Every year, through our fundraising across the UK we raise funds which support local projects across the UK tackling some of the most challenging situations, children and young people face. Whether it is by providing essentials such as a food, a bed or kitchen equipment or by funding a safe place to be or the friendship of youth workers.

We are unwavering in our belief that no child should face poor mental health alone or endure hunger, insecurity, or neglect. Our projects serve as sanctuaries, offering comfort, conversations with trusted adults, and a shoulder to lean on.  These projects are lifesavers, they are the at the frontline of our communities and the first to help our young people. They are projects in your very own neighbourhoods and localities, and with our funding, they are poised to be there when young people need them the most, unable to access help elsewhere.

We also work with strategic partners to help particular groups of children and young people who face additional challenges, such as those in care or who are carers themselves. Through our Big Sky funding programme, we have targeted those children who experience rural isolation and by partnering with BBC Radio 1Xtra, we have also reached many Black children and young people through our ground-breaking ‘We Move’ programme. We give grants where the need is most acute, funding initiatives that empower young people to transform their local communities through youth social action or by pursuing their own visions of a better world.

We do not underestimate the power of children and young people to change our world for the better, in fact we are counting on it. However, to facilitate this transformation, we all must play a part. That’s why, every year, we issue a call to action to the UK public, urging them to support the remarkable work of our projects and the incredible potential of our youth. Without your contribution, none of this is possible.  Join us in helping these young individuals as they make a profound difference in the lives of children and young people across the United Kingdom.

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