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Our latest on the cost of living crisis

BBC Children in Need exists to ensure children and young people have the chance to thrive and be the best they can be, regardless of the challenges they face. Poverty is not always easy to see, but it can make the lives of children and young people already facing challenges in their lives, that much harder.

Having a safe, warm and secure home, enough food and opportunities to have fun and learn are all fundamental to a happy childhood and healthy mental wellbeing. The cost of living crisis is set to be a time of deepening challenge and crisis for children and young people, from families facing rising costs to care for a disabled child to children and young people facing increased anxiety and worry. When we spoke to the organisations we support, 60% said that demand for their services has never been higher than it is right now.

A graphic that states 'Over 3.9m'

Over 3.9 million children and young people across the UK are in poverty

A graphic that states 'over 23.4m'

It is estimated that 23.4 million people will be unable to afford the cost of living

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Almost a third of children (30%) are worrying about their family having enough money to live comfortably

Chris Ramsey learns about our support in action

How we are supporting

At the end of October we announced an immediate £3 million in extra funding to urgently address the impact of the cost of living crisis on organisations supporting children and young people

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We are providing £500,000 additional funding for organisations who provide food banks and community kitchens as a commitment to deliver more meals to children and families across the UK

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We are allocating £500,000 additional funds to our Emergency Essentials programme, to help provide essential items such as a bed to sleep in, a washing machine for clean clothes, or a cooker for hot meals, to children and families living in exceptionally difficult circumstances

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We are providing £1 million of booster grants to existing BBC Children in Need projects. Each one will be worth £500 immediately and can be used for core and project expenses to help projects meets their rising costs and respond to increased demand

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We are providing £1 million additional funds for projects applying for BBC Children in Need funding to help meet growing demand and increased costs

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Helping near you

Funding of vital project workers in communities right across the UK has never been more important. These amazing individuals support, encourage and inspire to ensure that no child is left behind.

Use our interactive map to find out where we help near you

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