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Rickie & Melvin’s Biscuit Build: The easiest & tastiest way to support BBC Children in Need

BBC Children in Need is back and as Pudsey supporters get together to raise money, Radio 1 DJs Rickie Haywood-Williams and Melvin Odoom are preparing an ‘epic’ challenge of their own; building a tower of biscuits.

Rickie and Melvin from BBC radio 1 wearing Pudsey shirts

Yes, that’s right, Rickie and Melvin will be taking on what may be the charity’s most absurd fundraiser yet. What’s more, you and your mates can get in on the action and help the pair raise loads of money to support children and young people across the UK. And that’s how together, we can really make a difference, one carefully placed biscuit at a time. 

The two contenders will take turns adding biscuits to the tower, one by one and, while that sounds simple, they’re also competing to make each other the one who topples the tower. With each move they’re making it harder for their opponent to play their next biscuit. Whoever topples the tower loses, and whoever places the last successful biscuit wins. 

It’s kind of like Jenga, but in reverse. And, you know, with biscuits.  

Here’s where you come in: All you need to do is pick a winning combo – that’s a winner (Rickie or Melvin) and the last biscuit successfully placed on the tower – then lock in your pick with a £2 donation.  

There are 20 potential winning combos, all available on a handy challenge poster. So, once you’ve made your pick get everyone – your friends, family, and people you work with – to make a pick and a donation too.  

That’s £40 raised, just like that. £40 that will change the lives of children and young people facing the most difficult of circumstances. And £40 that you raised with one of the silliest, simplest, and scrumptious fundraising challenges to date.  

Rickie and Melvin tug o' war with a biscuit

Watch the build and all the action unfold at 1pm on BBC Children in Need Day, Friday 19 November. The challenge will stream simultaneously on BBC Children in Need’s Facebook, YouTube and Website, so whether you get together virtually or physically you can watch the result live with your fellow biscuit pickers.  

Maybe even get some biscuits in to mark the occasion? Whatever you do, by getting involved and donating you’re helping BBC Children in Need to change young lives across the UK. Rickie and Melvin both agree that, regardless of the result, that’s the sweetest outcome they can hope for.  

P.S. No biscuits were wasted in the making of this challenge. Trust us. 

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