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The One Show’s Rickshaw Challenge returns with a 500 mile ‘Ride to the Clyde’

Rickshaw Challenge - Ride to the Clyde

Team Rickshaw 2017 will be raising money for BBC Children in Need with a 500 mile cycle from London to Glasgow.

The One Show’s Rickshaw Challenge is set to return to television screens in 2017, with a new team of riders and brand new route, which was revealed live on Wednesday evening’s show. This year’s team will pedal an epic 500 miles to raise money for BBC Children in Need, and in a first for the challenge, the team will embark on their journey from London, riding north to the River Clyde.

The team of six, all of whom have been supported by BBC Children in Need funded projects, will push themselves to the limit, battling steep hills and braving the elements in the hope that their efforts will help them raise as much money as possible – all of which will go on to make a difference to young lives across the UK.

Cycling alongside the team once more is The One Show’s Matt Baker, who will go on the road offering support and advice throughout the journey, whilst co-presenter, Alex Jones, follows their every move and cheers the team on, live from the studio.

Setting off on Thursday, 9th November from The One Show studio at New Broadcasting House in London, Team Rickshaw will work their way across the UK in a bid to cross the finish line in Glasgow on Friday 17th November, during BBC Children in Need’s 2017 Appeal Show.

To date the Rickshaw Challenge has raised more than £16million for BBC Children in Need. In 2017 the public can join in by taking on their own ‘virtual rickshaw challenge,’ thanks to a new and specially designed online tool that enables them to log their miles and donations. Whether pedalling the full distance of the challenge at the gym, cycling half or even a quarter of the distance on the road, keen cyclists can now help Team Rickshaw fundraise for BBC Children in Need. The money raised by those who take part will help push the Rickshaw Challenge fundraising total even higher. So polish your bike saddles, clock in those miles and keep an eye on The One Show for regular updates. For more information and to set up a fundraising page visit:

The team taking on this year’s challenge is made up of:   

Sabah (18) from Birmingham. As a baby, Sabah was diagnosed with cancer in her kidneys and lungs. Both kidneys and part of her lungs were removed and at one point Sabah was given only a thirty percent chance of survival. Thankfully, she pulled through and was later given a kidney transplant which allowed her to live a fuller life. Then in 2013 her kidney suffered damage and had to be removed. Sabah is now on dialysis and awaits another kidney.  Despite this, Sabah is still able to take part in the challenge and will undergo dialysis at various points on the journey. She has been supported by Same but Different, a project part funded by BBC Children in Need.

Greg (18) from Dunfermline.  Greg had a very difficult upbringing. As a youngster he was often left on his own, regularly went hungry and lacked emotional support. His life changed when he started attending Scottish Sport Futures’ Twilight Basketball group. The BBC Children in Need funded project introduced him to one of his best friends, whose family not only welcomed him into their lives, but into their home. The family stepped in and fostered Greg when he was at his lowest point, helping him to feel cared for and ensuring that he no longer felt alone.  

Shona (17) from Inverness. At age 15 Shona was diagnosed with Nieman Pick Type C – a rare neurodegenerative condition that causes her difficulty with movement, talking and eating. Although she knows her condition may worsen, she is positive and optimistic about life. Niemann-Pick UK, a project funded by BBC Children in Need, has been a lifeline to Shona and her family, giving them practical and emotional support throughout her diagnosis.

Luke (17) from Wirral. Luke has cerebral palsy. Over the years he’s faced complicated leg surgery and lengthy periods of rehabilitation. Yet, Luke’s tenacity has meant that he’s let nothing get in his way. Now aged 17, he’s had considerable achievements in school and sport, and credits Stick ‘n’ Step’s conductive education, physiotherapy and support with giving him greater independence and confidence. Thanks to UK fundraisers, the project has benefitted from BBC Children in Need funding for nine years.

Liv (19) from Stockport. Last year Liv’s dad lost an eight month battle with pancreatic cancer. She found his terminal illness and death very difficult to deal with, and struggled with feelings of sadness and anger. Since then, Liv has received bereavement support from a BBC Children in Need funded counsellor at Blythe House Hospice, giving her the space to come to terms with her loss.

Ben (16) from Mold, North Wales. Ben helps care for his elder sister Amy (26 years old), who has Cockayne Syndrome (CS), a progressive condition that has caused her health to deteriorate since the age of 14. Ben’s mum started a project called Amy & Friends, which supports children affected by CS and their families. BBC Children in Need funding for the project has meant that families impacted by this rare condition are not alone. Ben will be undertaking the rickshaw challenge in her honour.


I really look forward to this time of year, when I get to jump on my bike and hit the road with Team Rickshaw to raise money for BBC Children in Need – a cause that’s near and dear to my heart. It’s the highlight of my year. We have an epic 500 mile cycle ahead, and I just know that our six young riders have the determination and grit to make it through this year’s Rickshaw Challenge, they really are an incredible team. The rest is down to you, the Great British Public! We hope that you’ll continue to give your support. So follow our journey, show your support for this inspiring group, and if you see us on the road, honk or wave hello!

Matt Baker, Presenter of The One Show

Alex Jones added: “I hope you’ll join me and follow every moment of this year’s Rickshaw Challenge as this inspirational team of young riders pulls out all the stops to raise money for BBC Children in Need. It’s thanks to your support over the last six years that the challenge has made such a difference to young lives, helping even our own Team Rickshaw members when they’ve needed it the most. I urge you to rally behind the team and help make year seven the most successful one yet!”

Simon Antrobus, BBC Children in Need’s Chief Executive, said: “We are delighted to see the Rickshaw Challenge return.  This really is a very special and important fundraiser for the charity because it not only sheds light on the real life challenges many children and young people face, it also shows that, despite these challenges, with the right support they can achieve great things and inspire others along the way. This year’s Rickshaw team is truly inspiring, and I know everyone will give as generously as before to help other young people just like them.”

Since 2011, The One Show’s Rickshaw Challenge has raised over £16 million for BBC Children in Need, with every penny going on to make a difference to lives of the children and young people across the UK who need it most.

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