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The Hunter Foundation

Thanks to Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation, this year donations to the Rickshaw Challenge will receive an additional 40% boost.*
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A message from Tom

The BBC’s Children in Need does amazing things across the length and breadth of Britain. Not just in mobilising unbelievable public support, but by investing and supporting young people facing really tough challenges.

The Hunter Foundation has been co-investing with Children in Need for several years now and have seen, through the young people they support, just how much more needs doing; for every one young person being supported there’s another waiting in line.

Our ambition is to shorten the line with you the general public and that’s why we are pledging to add 40% to every penny and pound you give to the Rickshaw Challenge, so you give a £ and we give 40p – hopefully some great leverage for your charitable giving!

Some people ask me why we do what we do? A long time back I earned a very large cheque when I sold my first business, which started from the back of a van, and Marion, my wife and I, had some difficult decisions to make – not least what to do with great wealth.

We decided we would not leave our children great wealth, of course we wouldn’t leave them penniless but give them enough to do something but not enough to do nothing; they had to find their own purpose. And thereafter we agreed we didn’t want to be the richest people in the graveyard so would invest our wealth for the common good.

Much of what we invest in – education, poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship – parallels the BBC Children in Need’s ambitions, so it’s simply an easy choice for us to support them and hopefully help as many young people as possible along with your kind donations.

We want to ensure every young person has the opportunity to succeed, to thrive and to be happy – that should be pretty much a basic human right, but a right that often as not isn’t delivered in our modern society and that is an absolute travesty.

BBC Children in Need in many respects leads the way in righting those wrongs and helping those most in need to have the opportunities they deserve from the Shetlands to Lands End and everywhere in between.

My dear old dad, sadly departed now, used to say the definition of kindness was helping someone you will never meet; so why don’t you join us in doing just that?

The Hunter Foundation wants to help, so with you we can and will make a difference – our ask of you is to do what you can to support the Rickshaw Challenge and remember every £ counts and makes a difference. So whether your giving a pound or £1000 I’d like to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness; our young people need you and all the support you can give. Thanks so much. Tom

*up to a maximum of £3M. Maximum matched individual donation £5k

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