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Student Zone

All the tools and inspiration you need to be a fundraising legend

Thank you for fundraising for BBC Children in Need

Thank you for fundraising for BBC Children in Need. Thanks to your support we can continue to change the lives of children and young people across the UK!

All you need to get started!


Students, fundraising for BBC Children in Need couldn’t be easier! Not only will you have loads of fun getting involved, you’ll be making an amazing difference to children and young people all across the UK, as well as learning valuable new skills too.

On this page you’ll find:

  1. Step by step guide of how to get involved.
  2. Fundraising ideas – including a fitness challenge and recipes from our fitness guru, Joe Wicks.
  3. Resources to help you plan and promote your events.
  4. Interactive map – find out where the money you raise goes and the difference we’re making in your community.

How to get involved this BBC Children in Need day

Easy steps to fundraising success

Step 1

Choose your fundraising ideas for this BBC Children in Need (11-15 November)

Whether you get together with friends, as a class or the whole-school, start planning fundraising activities for this year’s BBC Children in Need.

You can find lots of tools and ideas in our hard copy ‘Student Pack’, so if your teacher hasn’t given you one yet, download a fundraising pack right here!

Inside the pack you’ll find a fundraising action plan to help you decide which activities to pick and what you need to consider.

Top tip: Having a fundraising target can help motivate everyone to reach (and beat!) a total, and also encourages people to donate! Think about how much you think you can raise and make sure everyone knows your target!

Step 2

Let your teachers know what you're planning!

So you’ve chosen your ideas, just make sure you get the okay from your teachers. We’ve got letter templates that you can adapt to share with your senior leaders, so they know what you’re planning!

Once they’ve given the thumbs up, why not set up JustGiving page for your school so you can collect money easily and without having to handle any cash! This will make it even easier to gather donations from your friends and family outside of school. We’ve created a step-by-step guide showing you how to do this, but just remember, you’ll need a teacher present when you’re setting the page up.

Top tip: Ask your teachers to help you promote and support your event – you can even ask them to get involved! Everyone loves student vs. teacher fundraising and how can they say no when it’s for such a good cause!

Step 3

Promote your events throughout the school

Now’s the time to shout about what you’re doing! Use all the handy tools from your fundraising kit to get the message out far and wide. Photocopy the event poster and stick them up around school, especially near the school reception, canteen, school hall, staff-room and gym, to get maximum eyeballs on your promotion!

Don’t forget to stick up the totaliser poster too, so everyone can see your fundraising target and the progress you make throughout appeal week!

Top tip: Assembly is a great time to get the message out about your fundraising to big groups of students and teachers. Ask your teachers if you can promote your activities in a short slot during assembly a few weeks before appeal week. We’ve created an assembly presentation that you can use to help others understand why you’re fundraising and the difference they’ll be making by getting involved.

Step 4

Get fundraising!

You’ve prepped like a boss and promoted your plans like a pro – all that’s left is to get together have some fun and watch the donations roll in! Whether it’s a week’s worth of epic activities, or a day in your own clothes, every donation from schools like yours will make a huge difference to disadvantaged children across the UK.

Top tip: There’s still time to top up donations by doing a quick cash collection on appeal week! Use the flat packed money box from the fundraising kit and pop it on reception for the week, or do a class, lunchtime or even an assembly collection!
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Changing lives near you

From coast to coast, in towns and cities right across the UK, BBC Children in Need is out there making a difference.

The amazing projects we support help change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people all over the country.

Don't like maps? View the Projects directory.

Twinkl is the Official Education Partner for BBC Children in Need, helping schools, teachers and parents join in with the annual fundraising excitement. With their range of free-to-use and curriculum-aligned resources that seamlessly tie-in with everyday lessons, getting involved and making a real difference is now easier and more rewarding than ever before.

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