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group of children exercising in the gym

Prep like a boss with our Joe Wicks resources

Watch The Big Morning Move with Joe Wicks

How to Get Involved

Step 1

Mark the Big Morning Move, Friday 15 November @ 9am, in the school diary

The Big Morning Move is the perfect activity to kick off your day of fun-filled fundraising.

The children will feel fresh and focused after taking part in this specially tailored activity session.

Bookmark our YouTube page where the session will be live-streamed on the 15 November.

Step 2

Ask parents to pay a £1 donation for their child to participate

Let parents know the class will be taking part in the Big Morning Move to raise money for BBC Children in Need.

Everyone is invited to take part and we could encourage a small £1 donation for each child.

Use our editable Letter to Parents template to tell them all about the fundraising plans!

Step 3

Promote your event to get other classes involved and raise more money

The more we people we can get together and raising money, the bigger difference we can make to the lives of disadvantaged children in the UK.

Use our event posters to let everyone in school know about the Big Morning Move and encourage them to get involved too!

Step 4

Remember to bring your PE kit and water bottles!

Print off our handy checklist that you can photocopy and share with parents ahead of the Big Morning Move!

From some simple stretching exercises, to reminders to bring trainers and water, this list will have you ready and rearing to go!

Step 5

Tune in, have fun and raise loads of money!

On this page you’ll find an exciting range of energising recipes from Joe Wicks that are perfect for school bake sales, our Joe Wicks lessons, ideal to get kids learning about exercise and movement and raising money; and also our Joe Wicks ‘5 minute move’ kids workouts made especially for the classroom.

A  Message from Joe

Joe Wicks Recipes

Put a healthy twist on a classic bake sale! Get your class together to make some quick and easy Joe Wicks treats – a perfect way to re-energise after the Big Morning Move! 

Simply follow the step-by-step recipes and sell the goodies at school! We’ve done the maths for you and set some suggested prices to boost your fundraising.

Joe Wicks Classroom Resources

Joe Wicks Videos

Ahead of the Big Morning Move, get the whole class warmed up with Joe Wick’s mini workout series, suited perfectly for the class-room.

Twinkl is the Official Education Partner for BBC Children in Need, helping schools, teachers and parents join in with the annual fundraising excitement. With their range of free-to-use and curriculum-aligned resources that seamlessly tie-in with everyday lessons, getting involved and making a real difference is now easier and more rewarding than ever before.

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