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the various ducks participating in the Annual Duck Race

The Annual Duck Race Sweepstake 2019

Watch The Duck Race

The world’s most anticipated duck-based fundraising event returns, with a raft of new contenders vying for victory.

Get a poster, get together and get ready for the live race, broadcast across our site and social channels at 1PM, Friday November 15.

The Duck Race Course

This year’s contenders will pass through a series of obstacles designed to make for a thrilling race:

  • Lonely lane 1 – A path of no return.
  • Ducky Dip – A gentle decline designed to gather pace.
  • Rocky Road – A bumpy stretch sure to test our duck’s nerves.
  • Lonely lane 2 – An equally treacherous isolated path.
  • Disco Drops – A place for the ducks to ‘get down’.
  • Feather Falls – A dazzling, deadly descent into the finish.


Get quacking…


As if the race wasn’t already easy enough to get involved in, we’ve prepped a special kit for all your duck race needs.

  • Sweepstake posters
  • Email banners
  • Winner's certificate
  • Cut out ribbons, scarves and trophy

Steps to duck race glory

Step 1

Get your duck race kit

We’ve packaged everything you need to make your duck race experience a success in the kit. Download now and set up a fundraising page for a quick way to collect your sweepstake money and avoid duck race disappointment. You can also pick up a sweepstake poster at Greggs, this year’s official sponsor of the race.

Step 2

Spread the word

Let everyone know about the feathery fun and how they can get involved; so, where they can purchase a duck, when the race is happening and the location you’ll be getting together to watch it.

Step 3

Build the hype

Show your contenders last year’s race to help sell your ducks and build the anticipation. Make sure you tell contenders this year’s race is going to be even bigger and better, because it is – trust us!

Step 4

Get together for the race

Watch the live race at 1PM sharp on Friday the 15th of November. You can watch here on our site, on our Facebook, Twitter or our YouTube channel where you can interact with fellow spectators. The race will be live across Greggs’ channels too!

Step 5

Share your success (or not!)

Take pics of you and your fellow fundraisers getting together for the race and tag @BBCCiN in it for commentary, support and occasional commiserations. 😉

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