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Sir Terry Wogan Young Fundraiser of the Year Award 2023 Nominees

Find out a bit more about some of this year’s Young Fundraise of the Year Award nominees

Neve in her football kit

Neve, 6

Talented footballer Neve completed her ‘Ball Along The Wall’ challenge by kicking a football for 7.5 miles along Hadrian’s Wall. A real team player, Neve knew she wanted to do something to help other children, and so fundraising for Children in Need was the perfect fit!

Neve’s football coach describes her as very energetic and says that she’s always kind and helping her teammates.

Neve was supported by her family, friends and teammates AND went on to compete in a football tournament straight after her challenge- wow!

Thomas wearing a cycling helmet holding the handlebars of a Rickshaw

Thomas, 15

Inspired by the Rickshaw Challenge, Thomas cycled 67 miles on a tricycle over 3 weeks to fundraise for Children in Need! He had to cycle at least 2 miles every day after school and then 5 miles on Saturdays and Sundays.

Thomas has UPD41, a rare chromosome disorder affecting his mobility and speech, which means he can find walking a long way very difficult and finds riding a bike much easier.

A VIP in his home town, Thomas is known for brightening everyone’s day with his infectious positive energy! He loves Pudsey Bear because Pudsey stands for helping young people who have gone through hard times.

When Thomas isn’t cycling you can find him at his local Greggs getting his favourite sausage rolls!

Libby and Harvey in front of a table of baked goods

Libby & Harvey, 11 & 8

Libby and Harvey have organised bake sales and readathons and have upcoming plans for a Pudsey comic and a danceathon. This fundraising journey started when for Libby’s 5th Birthday Party, instead of asking for gifts, she asked the children attending her birthday party for donations to Pudsey!

Joel sitting on a bike

Joel, 13

Passionate cyclist, Joel, achieved his dream ride of cycling from his home in Hertfordshire to his grandparents in Holland. Joel wanted to fundraise for Children in Need as he wants all children to have equal opportunities, no matter their circumstances!

Joel completed his epic cycle of 600km over 6 days, staying focused and determined despite difficult weather conditions, punctures and route logistics! One day he completed a massive 95 miles- cycling from France to Belgium.

He was greeted at the end of his challenge with hugs from his grandparents, his best friend Thomas who had travelled from the UK and his favourite Dutch snack!

Henry next to a tractor

Henry, 17

Young Farmer Henry loves farming, nature and riding tractors! He combined his passions with fundraising for Children in Need to organise a Tractor Run with his Young Farmer friends and the support of the local community.

Henry’s Tractor Runs have grown hugely over the years, from 5 tractors in 2021 to over 15 in 2022!

Henry grew up watching Children in Need and wants to fundraise so he can help children that are less fortunate or fighting illnesses.

Annabelle sat at a desk

Annabelle, 14

Art, Fashion and Science are Annabelle’s passions- as well as fundraising for BBC Children in Need! She’s done a bookathon, and created and sold some wonderful art work too!

Art has been a really meaningful tool to help Annabelle through hard times. Annabelle has huge empathy for children who have faced adversity after having health struggles herself. Despite all she has been through, Anabelle’s positive outlook is put into action by helping children in as many ways as she can.

Annabelle never gives up and brings a smile to anyone she meets, her belief that ‘it all starts with kindness, and the rest follows’ is an inspiration to those around her!

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