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Meet the people taking on BBC Children in Need’s Act Your Age Challenge

This year, we’re calling on you to act your age to raise money for bbc children in need. It’s a simple idea; take your age and turn it into a fundraiser.

Six years old? Bake six cakes. Aged 38? Cover 38km. 94 years combined? Raise £94. Don’t want to share your age? BBC Children in Need is turning 40 this year so you can just use that!

Whether it’s the work of a couple of hours or an epic challenge, every single fundraiser will help change lives right here in the uk. Meet a few of the brilliant people taking up the challenge.

Seth wearing a cycle helmet
7 year old Seth is planning to act his age by riding 7 miles without stabilisers 

Seth lives with his mum, dad, little sister and 2 sausage dogs. During lockdown he broadcast his own Happy News on YouTube, sharing good news to keep everyone’s spirits up. Helping others is really important to Seth and his family, so they’re glad to be raising money for BBC Children in Need. 

Jemima and mark smiling
Jemima & Mark are running to act their ages and raise money


Mark (40) is planning to run 40 miles and Jemima (33) 33km over the course of a week. They both love running and being outdoors so this is the perfect way for them to challenge themselves and raise money whilst doing what they love! 

chris with all hiking equipment
Chris is celebrating BBC Children in Need’s 40th by walking an incredible 40 miles in one day. And that’s not all!

Chris is a dad of 3 from Cambridge whose Act Your Challenge is just one small part of an epic plan to walk the coast of mainland Britain in 52 weeks, walking for long periods alone in all weathers. Chris says he has chosen to support BBC Children in Need because they support so many children and young people reaching every corner of the UK. 

Nee reading a book and brushing her teeth
Nee, 6, is planning to act her age by reading 6 books a day for 6 days

Nee loves drawing, reading and writing stories. She found it fun to pick out 36 different books but challenging to get through six books every day after a hard day at school. She says, “all children deserve to be as happy as they can be so anyone who can help should help!” 

xera on the beach
Xera is 23 and was sponsored to build 23 sandcastles for her Act Your Age challenge 

Xera lives in Sheffield with her mum, stepdad and sister. Her fundraiser took place on a family holiday on a very windy day which made it extra challenging. Xera says, “I have Down’s Syndrome, Autism and Diabetes, and wanted to help people like me and other children who need help.” 

breakfast presenters talking part in an act your age challenge

Did you catch the BBC Breakfast presenters acting their age? 


Louise Minchin (52) and Dan Walker (43) combined their ages to see who could do 95 skips first! Mike Bushell (54) took on a space hopper challenge over 54 fences in his back garden and Charlie Stayt (58) made as many scrambled eggs as he could in 58 seconds. 



Take on your own challenge

Feeling inspired? Find out how to take on an Act Your Age challenge of your own. 

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