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MasterChef presenters John Torode and Gregg Wallace with Pudsey in the background.

Be the MasterChef

Together we’ll turn food into fundraising

Get cooking for your friends, family and colleagues, then brave their judgement MasterChef-style.

Whether you throw a dinner party, sell your best bakes, or take in lunch for your colleagues, we’ve got everything you need to turn your fun foodie fundraiser into a MasterChef experience

Let’s cook!

Ready to feel the heat of the kitchen?


Whether you’re a novice or a budding pro, our Be the MasterChef kit is filled with free ideas, inspiration and goodies to make your fundraiser feel one step closer to the MasterChef kitchen

  • Gregg and John Masks
  • Judging cards
  • Winner's certificate
  • Poster
  • Promotional email

Now follow these easy steps

Step 1

Decide what, who and when

Who do you want to attempt your MasterChef skills for? Will you throw a dinner party for friends and ask them to donate the price of their favourite takeaway?  Could you take lunch to work for your colleagues and get them to give the price of their usual lunch? Or will you bake and sell your goodies to raise some dough?

Decide whether you want to get competitive and pit your skills against your crew, or simply serve up delicious food to raise money.

Make your call, name the date and invite people along. There are posters and invitations in our Be the MasterChef pack.

Step 2

What’s on the menu?

We have lots of recipes for you to try, kindly donated by MasterChef winners and DK books. Or pick recipes of your own.

Will you stay within your comfort zone or take on a challenge to see if you can really impress?


Step 3

Set the stage & fundraise

On the big day, we’ve got everything you need to bring the fun to your foodie fundraiser. Channel the MasterChef judges to critique each other’s creations using our printable John & Gregg masks; download score cards, winner’s certificates and more in our Be the MasterChef kit.

Download a Pudsey moneybox to collect cash or set up a fundraising page to make collecting donations super-easy.

Step 4

Share your creations with the world

MasterChef or DisasterChef? Post your pics online and let the nation judge! Tag @bbccin and @MasterChefUK and look out for our feedback 😉

Two people filling in the answers on a Big BBC Quiz answer sheet on a table in a cafe.

Looking for an after dinner activity? Why not try Pudsey’s Big BBC Quiz and raise even more?


means a nine year old boy with severe learning difficulties can attend a community music project where he can learn to manage his sensitivity to sound.


will help a teenage boy with learning disabilities to attend a visual art club where he is able to fulfill his dream to make and present his own film.


supports an 18 year old young man on the autism spectrum to learn life and social skills through 1:1 support and workshops, so he can live independently.

Got any exciting stories about your fundraising? We’d love to hear them

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