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5 ways to raise money safely for BBC Children in Need 2020

Like many things, BBC Children in Need has been affected by the coronavirus. But fear not, together, we can still make a huge difference to children and young people that really need it whilst still staying safe and sticking to the guidelines. Here are 5 of our top tips for remote fundraising…
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1. Get Set

An easy place to start is by setting up your own fundraising page here, or using another online payment portal such as BBC Children in Need’s Facebook Donate option. That way, you can collect the money you raise without handling cash or leaving the house! Ideal.

2. The Annual Duck Race Sweepstake

Twenty of the UK’s elite ‘quackletes’ compete along an obstacle-filled lazy river racecourse. Everything you need is online. Just download a sweepstake poster from our website, pick out the names on behalf of friends and family then sit back and watch the fun online at 1pm on Friday 13th November. Players can pay their sweepstake money using the QR code on the poster or on our JustGiving page to keep things extra safe.

Download your Duck Race poster here.

3. Act Your Age

Perhaps you could run your age in miles up and down the stairs. Or play an online Game-a-thon that lasts as long in hours as your age in years. There are plenty of ways to Act your Age and raise money remotely and safely for BBC Children in Need. Find more fun ideas, tips and tools here.

4. Watch the Big Show

What could be safer than snuggling down indoors with the family on Friday November 13th for an unmissable evening of celeb-studded entertainment? Not to mention the loads of one-off specials and features throughout fundraising week.

5. Look the Part.

The Pudsey shop is crammed with fantastic Pudsey gear from soft toys, tee-shirts and badges to tote bags and keyrings. This year we have made steps to make sure the range is more eco friendly yet still vibrant and fun. It is super easy to buy online. What better way to look the part and raise vital funds for vulnerable children in your community?

Start shopping now.

If this isn’t for you, then the simplest way to support is to just give. Donating online is simple and safe, and whatever you give helps children’s projects just like those near you. Once you’ve given, make sure you let your online friends know all about it. Good news travels fast on social media – and not only will it keep you connected in difficult times; it might inspire others to donate as well!

Make your donation here

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our social media pages to see what other remote fundraisers are up to, and to find inspiration and ideas.

Together, we can stay safe and still support vulnerable children at a time when they need it most.

Remember to check out the latest advice and guidance for your area at

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