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Sam and Alex’s crackers Christmas pranks

You’ll remember Sam and Alex from this year’s Appeal Show; they inspired us all with their amazing attitude to life and hilarious sense of humour.

They can often be found getting up to all sorts of mischief at Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People where they go for respite stays.

Sam and Alex wearing Santa hats

Thanks to your donations, BBC Children in Need is able to fund a Play Specialist at Rainbows who supports the brothers by facilitating numerous ways for them to hang out and have fun in a safe, accessible environment.

One of the ways Sam and Alex love to have fun at Rainbows is by pulling pranks and at Christmas-time, it’s no different! In the spirit of spreading the fun, we asked Sam, Alex and the staff at Rainbows for their top tips to make mischief this Christmas:

Lots of sprouts

1. Brussels sprout surprise

When you’ve finished with your tin of Christmas chocs, don’t throw away the wrappers. Instead, wrap up brussels sprouts in the foil wrappers and leave in the tin for unsuspecting chocoholics – you’re doing them a favour by giving them the extra veg!

Chocolate truffles

2. Pickled onion treat

For an even tastier prank, get hold of some pickled onions and, with the help of an adult, cover them in melted chocolate to hand out to your guests – not quite the post-Christmas meal treat they’ll be expecting…

3. All in the present-ation

When it comes to present-giving, you can never go too big. Get hold of a giant empty box with a really fancy present on the outside like a telly or a games console. Wrap with your nicest Christmas wrapping before handing over – you can enjoy looking like the most generous person in the room… until they open the empty box!
PS: definitely make sure you’ve got a genuinely fab present ready to give them the moment they realise they’ve been pranked!

Secret Santa name tag with a red star on the label

4. Secret Santa shuffle

To cause more present havoc, organise a Secret Santa with your friends and family but secretly put your name on all the presents when no one’s looking. Now you’ll have loads of presents, and you can blame it on a Secret Santa admin error! Just make sure you remember who they were all supposed to be for when your prank gets discovered… otherwise you might have some not-so-secretly angry Santas to face!

Christmas crackers

5. Flour power

For a prank on the more messy side… get an adult to help you carefully make a hole in the top of your Christmas crackers and fill them with flour before sealing back up with a bit of tape. Then wait to enjoy the explosion of flour when everyone goes to pull their crackers! Warning: the Christmas table may get a little dusty…

A Santa hat hung on a white gate with a snowy background and a house in the distance

6. Hide and Santa

If a festive surprise is more up your street, get dressed up in your finest Christmas elf costumes then find a good hiding place just before you sit down to eat. Wait for everyone to come looking for you so they can start the meal – then reveal yourself with your loudest ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS!’ (ideally with bells too). Hopefully everyone will be so relieved they can finally start the Christmas meal, you’ll be able to sneak a few extra roasted spuds…

Remember – Sam and Alex tend to undertake their pranks with (and on!) the staff at Rainbows or at home with their mum, so don’t do any of these without checking with a trusted adult first.

If you think a prank might upset someone, it’s definitely better to surprise them with a present or tasty treat instead!

We hope you all have a fun-filled festive time this Christmas, and want to say a huge thank you for all the support you’ve given us this year.

Your donations mean we can continue to help make a difference to young lives across the UK. Please do have a look at our map to see how BBC CiN has helped projects in your area.

If you’d like to make a donation to BBC Children in Need, head over to our donate page.

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