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Fundraisers taking part in children in need events

A note from our author, Tom Percival

Tom Percival smiling

Over the past few years I’ve made a lot of children’s books that explore emotional wellbeing. When I talk to groups of children at schools or festival events and ask, ‘who has ever felt angry?’ or ‘who has ever felt worried?’ hundreds of hands shoot up. Of course they do. These feelings are completely universal, it’s all part of being human, sometimes we feel good and sometimes… we don’t. So, it’s vital that we all have a good, clear understanding of how, and why we feel the way that we do—and the sooner this understanding starts, the better!

That’s why I feel it’s important to cover these topics in children’s books.

But what about the children who have even more to cope with than the emotional up’s and downs that we all face – and especially during these last six, testing months? This was something I needed to consider when I was asked to create a story for BBC Children In Need, to showcase the vital work that their partners do — charities like PEEK, who provide children and families with healthy, hot meals, Back Up, who help children learn to navigate the world again after a spinal injury, and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Of course, it would be impossible to cover everything that these charities do in one short animation, so I looked for similarities between these different situations and the one thing that struck me, was no matter what obstacles might be in the way, there is always hope. Even though you may have to completely re-think how you approach a situation or a problem, with a bit of time and a bit of help, there is always a solution. And together, we can really make a difference.

So that was what I wanted to communicate, a message of hope. To do this, I decided upon using the metaphor of a persistent raincloud which follows each child around always getting in the way, always causing a problem and stopping them from being able to enjoy their childhood and achieving everything they are capable of. Then, with the help of the respective charity workers; like Charlie at PEEK, Ella at Back Up or Thora the hearing dog, these children are eventually able to find a way to get rid of these gloomy clouds and say,

“Goodbye Rainclouds!”

So in summary, there are some incredible charity workers out there, going to great lengths to help children in especially difficult situations and they deserve all the help, support (and donations!) we can give. But more than that, there are so many inspirational children out there, taking massive challenges on, day-upon-day, and with the help of these charities and Children in Need overcoming these obstacles and thriving.

Which is exactly how it should be.

All any child wants is the chance to play, the chance to laugh. The chance to be a child and be the very best they can be—and thanks to BBC Children in Need, and your incredible donations and fundraising, together, we can ensure that’s exactly what they receive.


Together, we can transform children’s lives right across the country. We’ve got everything you need to get involved, and we’re with you all the way. Click the button below to start fundraising

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